Kobelco Full-Size Excavators

Kobelco Full-Size Excavators

Utilizing today’s newest and best technologies and design, these full-size excavators are fast, powerful, and versatile. Kobelco’s industry-leading performance ensures that every job will be completed with efficiency, power, and precision. Kobelco Full-Size excavators deliver more horsepower, a superior ergonomically designed cab system, and ultra-smooth hydraulic control.


  • Industry-leading breakout force and lifting capacities.
  • Designed to easily accommodate auxiliary hydraulics and attachments.
  • Advanced diagnostics monitor system pressure in-cab without additional equipment.
  • Adjust auxiliary hydraulics flow from inside the cab.
  • Large, comfortable operator cab with powerful air conditioning and heating systems.


STD Bucket Capacity0.30-0.88 cu.yd.
Engine96 hp
Machine Weight32,800 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 0.6-1.0 cu.yd.
Engine 127 hp
Machine Weight 38,800 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 0.92-1.22 cu.yd.
Engine 160 hp
Machine Weight 50,000 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 1.05 – 1.31 cu.yd.
Engine 178 hp
Machine Weight 59,300 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 0.75-1.875 cu.yd
Engine 252 hp
Machine Weight 68,800 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 0.8 – 2.7 cu.yd
Engine 265 hp
Machine Weight 84,200 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 0.875 – 2.75 cu.yd
Engine 270 hp
Machine Weight 83,600 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 1.5 – 4.26 cu.yd.
Engine 369 hp
Machine Weight 114,000 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity1.78 – 8.50 cu.yd
Engine510 hp
Machine Weight185,700 lbs
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