Liebherr Scores Another Hit: the PR 766 Crawler Tractor

Looking for the Next Big Thing in big crawler tractors? Take a look at the new Liebherr PR 766. Liebherr has a deservedly strong reputation when it comes to producing successful crawlers, and the PR 766 will surely live up to expectations. This behemoth weighs in between 101,854 and 119,491 lbs., replacing the PR 764. It embodies innovative technologies that boost performance, efficiency, and fuel economy. The PR 766 has a 422-hp V-8 engine that exceeds Tier 4 Final compliance standards but does not use a diesel particulate filter. Liebherr uses a unique two-step process to accomplish this:

      1. A common rail injection system and a specialized engine control (both proprietary technologies) optimize the combustion process to minimize particulates within the engine.
      2. Selective catalytic reduction (SCF) is used to treat exhaust gases before they are released into the atmosphere.

Proactive power adjustment (another Liebherr exclusive) detects current demand and automatically increases engine power as needed for short periods. The system monitors internal engine data and external machine parameters – for example, drive joystick deflection. This enhances torque output, performance capability and overall responsiveness.

The Liebherr PR 766 features hydrostatic drive

No other large crawler tractor has this type of travel drive, which uses hydraulic motors and pumps that are practically wear-free instead of traditional torque converters, multi-speed gearboxes, steering clutches or service brakes – components known for their high wear. The hydrostatic drive concept eliminates speed fluctuations, no matter the size of the required load. Liebherr designs all their essential drivetrain components internally, assuring optimal overall coordination and efficiency.

Got uneven terrain?

The PR 766 Litronic also has an oscillating undercarriage, so the track rollers can adjust as they travel to changes in elevation or rocky ground conditions. Traction is better, and so is the ride. Impact loads are minimized, and the undercarriage components and steel structure all last longer.

ECO mode comes standard

Sometimes you need maximum performance. But when conditions are light to moderate, you’d rather capture maximum functional and fuel efficiencies. Liebherr’s ECO function allows the driver to choose. It’s available on all of the OEM’s Generation 6 crawler tractors, including the new PR 766.

The cab is roomy and driver-friendly

The PR 766 uses the same spacious cab found on the even-larger Liebherr PR 776 model. Operation features are designed to be simple and intuitive:

        • One-lever operation of all driving and steering adjustments
        • Ergonomic, adjustable controls for travel drive, blade and rear-mounted ripper
        • Color touchscreen display
        • A joystick for the rear ripper that allows 2-axis adjustment and also works as a handle for the driver to guide the ripping process
        • Standard rear-view camera
        • 360o visibility, enhanced by downward sloping edges so nothing impedes line of sight to the blade, the rear-mounted ripper, or the ground

The driver can preset the desired travel speed range on the joystick for more precise control, especially at low speed. Liebherr Scores Another Hit the PR 766 Crawler Tractor 02 The working environment is comfortable, too, with generous storage space, including a climate-controlled storage compartment. And as a safety measure, there is an integrated seat contact switch that automatically detects the driver. No manual safety actuation required.

Simplified maintenance

The PR 766 has centralized service points. Access is easy, thanks to the tilting cab and wide-opening engine compartment doors and flaps. They’re all standard, as is the lighting in the engine compartment. With regular monitoring of the hydraulic oil, service intervals for oil change can stretch as far as 8,000 hours.

And then there’s LiDAT, also standard

What would a new crawler tractor be without the latest fleet monitoring technology? Liebherr’s LiDAT system gathers comprehensive machine data and transmits it remotely, several times per day. Data can be accessed at any time from any web browser. The LiDAT system also provides safety and anti-theft protection such as geo-fencing with an automatic alarm. Liebherr even offers special options for crawlers that will be operating in low temperatures. Want to see it in action? Watch this video to see the PR 766 on the job at an Austrian iron mine.


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