Generation 6 just got bigger. Liebherr has added the PR 746 and PR 756 to its line of dozers, bringing the total to six in their line of crawler tractors. The two new models, one in the 30-ton class and one in the 40-ton class, feature several new improvements designed to give you greater productivity, on the ground and in the cab.

The vital statistics.

The Liebherr PR 746 Litronic dozer has an operating weight between 62,360 and 67,900 lbs, and offers 248 horsepower. Its blade capacity ranges from 7.85 to 9.42 cubic yards. The PR 756 Litronic has an operating weight between 84,430 and 90,720 lbs, 336 horsepower and a blade capacity of 11.67 cubic yards.

Both machines use Liebherr’s 6-cylinder diesel engines, which comply with Tier 4 Final standards, and both incorporate SCR/urea injection emissions control technology. They can travel up to 6.8 miles per hour.

LiebherrIt’s easier to see what you’re doing.

The redesigned operator station on these Generation 6 Liebherr dozers offers vastly improved visibility. The exhaust stack and blade cylinders have been repositioned so they’re in line with the A pillars that support the cab, providing a clear line of sight to the blade.

Further, the front of the cab now slopes steeply downward and the cab’s glass extends all the way down to the floorboards, making it easy to see the top and bottom edges of the dozer blade, out to the sides and around to the rear.

It’s easier to operate the dozer, no matter the challenge.

Everyone knows a more comfortable operator can work longer without getting fatigued. You can rest your forearms in a natural position while working, thanks to the adjustable horizontal armrests. That makes it easier to handle the joystick throughout the day. There’s a display monitor with a touch screen, so it’s also easy to set a variety of operating parameters.

And on the personal side, Liebherr crawler tractors now include a cooled storage compartment. That means your lunch stays reliably fresh, no longer how long your morning.

All Liebherr dozers use hydrostatic drive transmissions. That gives you:

  • Liebherr DozerUnlimited speed control. There is also a power boost function to handle extra-tough moves. The engine remains at a constant rpm because hystats electronically direct power to the ground, and you can select power settings that provide maximum torque or ECO mode. You always have the power you need, but you can operate more efficiently to save fuel and improve engine life.
  • Smooth, no-step gear changes that eliminate shifting.
  • Reliable hill-holding ability.
  • Dynamic braking, including a standard inch-brake pedal that keep the operator in control even when conditions require a slow-speed creep.
  • Dynamic counter-rotation for exceptional maneuverability. These dozers can counter-rotate in place or turn in a very tight circle.

The undercarriage provides greater wear surface, with a larger drive sprocket and more teeth, so it will last longer. For the PR 756, you can choose an optional bogie system – Liebherr called is a “pendulum chassis” – that pairs the bottom rollers two-by-two and connects the pairs to the back of the frame on a single shaft. The grousers remain better-positioned on the ground and your operator gets a smoother ride, because this set-up enables the paired rollers to oscillate over rocks, etc. instead of lifting up the entire machine.

And of course there are advanced telematics – Liebherr’s LiDAT fleet management system comes standard. Both the PR 746 and PR 756 are designed so you can easily add 2D or 3D GPS.

It’s easier to maintain these dozers.

Liebherr has moved all the daily service points to one side, plus the cab lifts hydraulically and the cooling fans swing out – all making service work more convenient. They also added a light for the engine bay, so you can see to work at night without having to use a flashlight.

These new Liebherr crawler tractors give you two additional options to choose exactly the right machine for your jobs.