Broce Broom 350 Series

Broce Model 350 (BB-350)

The 350 series broom was born from the understanding that a more maneuverable sweeper was needed for smaller paving and street sweeping applications. With the realization that Broce Broom sweepers could be used for more than just road construction, the BB-350 was created for customers who would use it to clean pedestrian walkways like hiking trails, golf kart paths and biking trails. Designed with versatility in mind, this model also comes with a hydraulic tow hitch allowing for easy transport to any of its many jobsites.

The Broce 350 is a 4 wheel sweeper that is versatile enough for a variety of different jobs. Available with front blade (optional) and gutter broom (optional).


  • 150 gallon water spray system equipped with 2.1 GPM pump, strainer filter and 8 spray nozzles to control dust.
  • Exclusive joystick broom control.
  • Compact wheelbase for better maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Available with engine options to meet your requirements
  • Hydrostatic drive with 2 speed gear box.
  • Direct drive Core broom motor.

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