FFC Attachments

FFC Attachments

We know the success of your business depends on working quickly and efficiently. FFC attachments are built with quality, reliability and features that help you get more from your equipment. With FFC Attachments, you are investing in reduced downtime and higher productivity. These attachments are well-built for everyday use right here in the USA.

Brush and Scrap Grapple:

FFC Brush and Scrap GrapplesFFC Brush and Scrap grapple is designed for skid loaders, utility loaders and  Loader backhoes. Bucket edge is drilled for replaceable adges. Standard cylinder guards protect all cylinder components. 6″ tine spacing.

FFC Preperators:

ffc preperators

FFC Preperators ar designed for skid steers and utility loaders. 54″, 66″ and 76″ widths available. Tills and fluffs the soil as it grooms the soil. Capable of picking up rocks 1″ to 20″ in diameter. Tills up to 2-1/2″ deep.

FFC Harley Rakes:

FFC Harley RakeFFC Power Rakes are designed for skid steers and utility loaders. 48″, 72″ and 90″ widths available. Pulverizes soil, removes debris, finish grades, spreads fill or soil and dethatches. Direct drive motor eliminates chains and sprockets, reducing maintenance

FFC Snow Blowers:
FFC snow Blower

FFC Snow Blowers are designed for skid steers. Available with 25″ and 36″ cutting heights. Two stage hydraulic blower throws snow 45′. Adjustable skid shoes. Electro-hydraulic, poly-lined chute and deflector.