Bell E Series Haul Trucks

Bell E Series Haul Trucks

Optimised Versatility

Bell Truck’s E Series of Articulated Haul Truck has the best in class off- road ability, and best in class comfort and ease of operation. Complete with on board weighing and remote production monitoring, the E Series comes with all of the reliability you expect from Bell Trucks. The semi-independent front suspension, has a leading A-frame supported by hydro-pneumatic suspension struts and the option of electronically controlled adaptive suspension with ride height adjustment. The rear suspension features a pivoting walking beams with laminated rubber suspension blocks, with the option for the comfort ride suspension walking beams, with two-stage sandwich block.

The E Series suspension has a full load sensing system serving the prioritized steering, body tipping and brake functions. A ground-driven, load sensing emergency steering pump is integrated into the main system.


Operating Weight 34,943 Lbs.
Gross Horsepower 228 Hp.
Struck Capacity 11.8 yd³
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Bell B25E

Operating Weight 43,350 Lbs.
Gross Horsepower 281 Hp.
Struck Capacity 15.7 yd³
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B30E 4×4Bell B30E4x4

Operating Weight 44,779 Lbs.
Gross Horsepower 348 Hp.
Struck Capacity 18.3 yd³
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B30EBell B30E

Operating Weight 44,400 Lbs.
Gross Horsepower 329 Hp.
Struck Capacity 18.3 yd³
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B40EBell B40E

Operating Weight 71,062 Lbs.
Gross Horsepower 510 Hp.
Struck Capacity 25 yd³
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Bell B45E

Operating Weight 71,267 Lbs.
Gross Horsepower 523 Hp.
Struck Capacity 25.5 yd³
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Bell B50E

Operating Weight 78,650 Lbs.
Gross Horsepower 577 Hp.
Struck Capacity 28 yd³
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Bell B60E

Operating Weight 93,644 Lbs.
Gross Horsepower 577 Hp.
Struck Capacity 35.3 yd³
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