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Haul and Dump More, Spend Less

Manufacturers work continuously to diversify their heavy-duty truck lines, to offer both greater versatility and greater efficiencies in a wide range of difficult settings. Popular examples include Bell’s B30E 4×4 and Western Star’s 4900XD and 6900XS, all designed to provide maximum performance for specific types of earth-moving and other hauling needs. However, whatever brand of off-road hauler you own, articulated or rigid, there are ways you can outfit it to increase productivity and ROI.

Bell Equipment B30E 4×4

This truck is a smaller cousin to Bell’s hefty 6×6 ADT, designed to boost production cost-effectively for small and mid-size quarry operations that produce aggregate on site. The company says this vehicle gives buyers a better option than having to pick from not-exactly-ideal rigid dump trucks, tipper trucks, or 6×6 ADTs.

Thanks to its smaller size, this model is also an excellent choice for confined spaces such as tunneling operations and stockyards where maneuverability is limited. (The 4×4’s turning diameter is 4.2 ft. smaller than the three-axle 6×6 ADT.) The B30E 4×4 offers all-weather capability over light terrain and hilly haul roads. Plus, thanks to having just two axles, costly tire scuffing is not a wear-and-tear concern.

Its vitals:

  • 6 tons
  • Common 23.5R25 size front tires
  • 5R25 size rear tires to accommodate heavy loading
  • Oscillation joint permanently contacts all wheels
  • Nicely balanced load distribution – 50/50 when empty, 33/66 when loaded
  • 30+ ton payload (same as the 6×6 model)

The B30E4x4 incorporates numerous components and features found on Bell’s 6×6 B30E. What’s different? Shorter rear chassis, solidly-mounted Bell 36-t axle, and a new shorter bin with 24.3 cubic yard capacity.

Western Star Extreme Duty Haulers

Western Star has always been a big name in big trucks. The OEM makes 25-ton and 40-ton dump trucks known for their unique combination of extreme duty capabilities and highway truck drivability. Both the 4800XD and 6900XD feature integrated steel bodies. They cost less upfront and are more cost-efficient to maintain and operate than competitor’s models, all of which contribute to greater jobsite efficiency, overall cost savings, and higher long-term ROI.

Western Star has also partnered with Carco Industries to create a fifth-wheel attachment that converts the dump truck into a tractor (to haul a tipper, for example). It takes just five minutes for a driver to make the change. Once that’s done, the controls recognize and adapt to the new configuration.

Efficiency Boosters for All

Everything you can do to increase a truck’s efficiency saves time and money. Here are some features that can boost the profitability of your haul trucks, whether you’re retrofitting a truck or in the market for a new one:

  • Choose a model that requires least regular maintenance, to save both time and money. Fewer moving parts means there will be less service needed and fewer chances for something to fail. That includes features such as fewer grease points and simplified controls such as hydraulics that integrate body lift and tailgate operation.
  • Consider a rear-eject body that pushes out loads rather than tipping them. This allows dump-in-motion in locations where there are overhead wires, etc. This configuration also has a lower center of gravity for increased stability working on soft terrain or downward slopes. Virtually any existing articulated truck (and most rigid dump trucks) can be retrofitted with a rear-eject body. New or retrofit, a built-in ejector guide will provide smooth operation without rollers and bearings, a common source of high-cost repairs.
  • Look for a model that has a reinforced body made of 450 BHN steel, which is harder, more abrasion-resistant and less prone to stress from extreme heat or cold. Experts suggest this can add 25-30% to the truck body’s lifespan.
  • Look for side-to-side floor bolsters under the body and load distribution supports around the center flooring. The added support allows maximum payload capacity without putting undue stress on the chassis.
  • Add a tailgate, to stop losing 10-15% of load capacity. (In some cases, the loss is even greater.) This is a productivity killer because it wastes time and fuel and accelerates wear and tear on the truck and body.

By matching the haul truck’s physical size, maneuverability, payload/volume capacity and other features to the typical worksite requirements, you’ll see maximum productivity and minimal costs. That’s profitability you can haul all the way to the bank.


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