Speed Shore Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring

Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring

Speed Shore Vertical ShoresVertical Shores

Aluminum hydraulic Vertical Shores are the safest, most versatile option when it comes to shoring up an excavation. In most cases, one worker can safely and efficiently shore a trench as quickly as it is excavated, allowing the excavator operator to continue excavating at full capacity. Using Vertical Shores greatly reduces the excavation requirements, thus reducing fill and compaction needs and dramatically reducing the cost per foot of trench.

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Speed Shore Waler SystemWaler Systems

Speed Shore Waler Systems are designed for use in less stable soil conditions that require close or intermittent sheeting. Their lightweight construction allows for quick installation and removal completely from above ground, keeping personnel out of the unprotected trench. Waler Systems are available in standard, medium and heavy-duty configurations and cover an large range of soil and sheeting variations to meet site-specific shoring requirements.

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Speed Shore Shoring ShieldsShoring Shields

Speed Shore’s patented Shoring Shields combine the benefits of aluminum hydraulic shoring with the solid-wall security of a static shield. Constructed of high-strength aluminum alloys, Shoring Shields are great for municipal maintenance and light utility installations. The solid-sheeted exterior provides for optimum personnel protection while their lightweight design insures ease of handlingwith a rubber tired backhoe or compact excavator.

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Speed Shore Manhole BracesManhole Braces

Manhole Braces are a unique 4-way hydraulic shoring system specifically engineered excavations for manholes, vaults, bore pits and tank installations. Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum hydraulic cylinders enclosed within rugged telescoping steel sleeves. Each manhole brace ring incorporates four hydraulic legs that work in conjunction with one another to form an active shoring system.

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