Regular Cold Planer Maintenance Can Increase Productivity

A skid steer loader is a very versatile machine and can perform many jobs due to the amount of attachments you can get for them. Cold Planers have become more and more popular due to the variety of jobs they can assist with. Manufactures design them to require minimal maintenance. This has lead to many owners and operators completely overlooking most maintenance procedures with their cold planers. The picks (teeth) are the most important part to maintain.

Here are some tips to keep you up and running:

  • Inspect the picks before each use to make sure they aren’t broken or worn.
  • Install a water system to reduce dust and increase pick life.
  • Inspect picks to make sure they rotate freely to ensure a longer life.
  • Replace any broken picks immediately or it will cause surrounding picks to wear quicker.
  • Rotate the outer and inner picks when they begin to wear.

Pick Replacement:

  • Asphalt application- (Between 50-150 hours of use)
  • Concrete application- (Between 10-30 hours of use)

The FFC Cold Planer is designed for skid steers with 13-45 GPM hydraulic flows to mill asphalt and concrete surfaces. The FFC Cold Planer can mill down frost heaves, concrete and asphalt joints and full-depth utility cuts. It is designed with a V shaped pick patter on the drum. This pattern provides a smooth cut and evenly carries material over the drum and behind the planer. This clears the work area and prevents milled material from being re-milled, which reduces horsepower requirements and maximizes performance.

Be sure to read your manual for specific maintenance time periods for your unit.

Tracey Road Equipment is proud to carry a full line of skid steer attachments including FFC cold planers.