10 Handy Equipment Attachments for skid steer owners, Part 1

One of the many advantages of skid steers is the versatility that comes from simply changing the attachments you use. You can accomplish an outstanding range of jobs with a single machine and a good selection of equipment attachments. In this two-part blog series, we’ll look at ten of the most popular and useful attachments from our Paladin line.

We’re proud to offer Paladin attachments because they represent the best of the best, bringing together eight industry-leading brands to create the most comprehensive line of equipment attachments available.


The Sweepster QCSS Angle Broom (SSL Angle Sweeper – Hydraulic Drive) is specifically designed as a skid steer attachment. It’s an excellent choice for windrowing material left, right or straight. The Sweepster is available with manual and hydraulic angle and widths from 60” to 84”.

Auto Rake

The FFC Auto Rake makes a great addition to your rental house attachment line. It’s ideal for site clean-up and soil preparation — an easy-to-use attachment that picks up and collects materials from 3/4″ to 6″. The single directional motor is designed to be operated while traveling in reverse, and the reversing operational hydraulics open the canopy to 20° to enable easier dumping of debris. This unit can be mounted on three-point configuration (tractor) and is excellent for picking up windrows in support of power box rake operations.

Extreme Duty Ground Shark™ Brush Cutter

This Bradco attachment is designed to clear medium- to heavy-density brush and hardwoods up to 7″ in diameter. When the exclusive, patent pending retractable forward shield comes in contact with a tree, it moves up and back to expose the entire cutting edge of each blade while protecting the operator from flying debris.

Cold Planer

Bradco’s skid steer cold planer attachments are becoming increasingly valuable and popular, thanks to the variety of ways you can use them. They easily handle small milling jobs where large milling machines cannot be efficiently used. Cold planers are also particularly effective tools for asphalt and concrete pothole and frost heave repair, curb cutting, pavement texturing for improved skid resistance and removing traffic lane stripes and roadway around manholes.


There’s a trencher attachment precisely suited for every job:

  • Bradco 330 requires rear hydraulics to run the machine. It’s easy to install and operate, and it comes with a light/medium duty boom and crumber with replaceable wear strips.
  • Bradco 615 and 615F trenchers provide 24″, 30″ and 36″ digging depths to fit most applications. They come with a heavy-duty boom and crumber.
  • Bradco 640 features five motor options to match the flow of many skid steer loaders. It has a two-position manual side shaft mounting, or you can choose the optional infinite position using hydraulic side shift cylinder assembly.
  • Bradco 612 uses a Category 1 3-point mount for 20-45 PTO HP hydrostatic tractors.
  • Bradco 625 trenchers feature fixed-length booms that have a spring-loaded, self-adjusting idler with full rock guards.
  • The Model 655 Rock Trencher is your choice when jobs require trenching through asphalt, frozen ground, fracturable rock or extremely compacted soils.

Almost all the attachments we’ve discussed here are available CE certified. In addition to being one of the largest independent manufacturers of attachment tools and coupler systems, Paladin also engineers custom solutions for small compact tool carriers as well as large excavators, wheel loaders, tractors and truck chassis.

In our next blog, we’ll look at five more equipment attachments that can make your worksites more productive and your skid steers even more cost-effective.