A Backhoe: The Construction Industry’s ‘Jack of all Trades’

The backhoe – a classic, seemingly timeless piece of equipment that can be found on almost every jobsite and able to conquer a variety of terrain, is certainly a capable and dependable machine.  But its uses are not as limited as they once were, as the range of backhoe attachments has drastically increased over recent years, and continues to do so today.  In fact, backhoe uptime has spiked in previous years, and the attachment options are only growing.

As a result, today’s backhoes are able to accomplish more than ever before, and are greatly benefitting companies and operators with their modern-day efficiency.  Rather than using multiple machines, one backhoe with a variety of attachments is capable of achieving the same success and production rates as a multi-unit lineup.  Ultimately, this cuts costs and saves operators the time of having to switch between several machines.  And most recently, companies have introduced designs that, although not yet available, will continually improve and modernize these machines and their corresponding attachments.  One of the biggest goals, currently, is to design a machine that aids in facilitating the transition between attachments. In fact, it is their mission to ultimately design a backhoe with the ability to drop one attachment and pick up another, as needed, in just a matter of seconds.

With all of the attachment options available, finding the right one(s) will demand fewer operators, decreased equipment hours and far less prep and equipment maintenance. Ultimately, you’ll accomplish more in less time, all while saving money.

As always, think of Tracey Road Equipment for all of your equipment needs.  Whether you want to purchase or rent, we have all of the backhoes, attachments – and more! – you need to get the job done.