A Glimpse Into A Career In Truck Driving

The trucking industry provides a wide range of job opportunities for people in all stages of life. To someone who doesn’t know much about the industry, the responsibilities of a truck driver may appear to be as simple as just driving from point A to point B but there is so much more to it than that.  The different types of truck driving jobs can be broken down into general categories such as Short Distance Heavy, Long Distance Heavy, Light, Delivery, and Route Drivers.

  • Freightliner Truck LeaseShort Distance Heavy Truck Drivers A heavy truck driver operates a vehicle that weighs more than 11.6 tons from one destination to another that can be reached and returned from during the course of a normal work day. Short distance heavy truck drivers may travel the same route on a consistent basis or perform different runs each day as assigned.
  • Long Distance Heavy Truck Drivers Long distance heavy truck drivers transport goods in a vehicle that weighs more than 11.6 tons on longer trips. Often, long distance heavy truck drivers work with a partner, alternating sleeping and driving so that driving can take place 24 hours per day.
  • Light Truckers Light truckers operate vehicles that are less than 11.6 tons, and may be involved with hauling goods short or long distances.
  • Delivery Truckers Delivery truckers operate trucks or vans that weigh less than 11.6 tons and are responsible for making multiple stops at businesses or residences to deliver goods. Delivery drivers may be employed by a wholesaler, manufacturer or retailer.
  • Route Drivers Like delivery truckers, route drivers operate light vehicles and make frequent stops to a number of customers; however, unlike delivery drivers, they are required to perform a service or sales function in addition to hauling. Some route drivers accept orders from customers, help stock inventory, remove unsold products and return them to the warehouse or manufacturer, or sell additional products to customers.

Within these categories there are numerous different types of trucking jobs from Pulling A Dry Van, Hauling Refrigerated Freight, Hauling Flat Bed Loads, Tankers, Bull Haulers, Household Movers, to Team Driving Jobs and Oilfield Jobs.It is important to have a good understanding of what each type of job entails, what the different requirements are, and most importantly what sort of a job works best for your life.  Feeling clueless?  There are all kinds of articles online that will help you make the right decision.