Astec Subsidiaries Rebrand Under One Name

Astec Industries has launched an effort to streamline its global business operations, bringing all its subsidiaries together under a single brand name: Astec. These entities will no longer operate under their individual names. Instead, the company plans to “Simplify, Focus and Grow” with streamlined internal structure and operations.

The unification is intended to make it easier for dealers and customers to do business with the company, according to Astec Industries, Inc. president and CEO Barry Ruffalo. He says coming together with “one common name and purpose” will also allow the 50-year-old company to be more innovative as well as offer better customer service.

Subsidiaries included in the rebranding include:

Under ASTEC’s new business model, these former subsidiaries will be grouped into two operations segments, Infrastructure Solutions (road building, asphalt, and concrete plants, thermal and storage solutions) and Material Solutions (aggregate and other material processing solutions).

To emphasize its new branding, Astec Industries has not only created a new, universal website ( but introduced a new modern logo and colors that reflect the company’s “Built to Connect” purpose.

“We have been proud to represent the Roadtec, KPI-JCI, and Carlson product lines,” notes Scott Collins, Tracey Road Equipment’s VP of Sales. “We know Astec’s new direction will benefit our customers as well as our own sales and service teams.” For example, the company’s new website gives TRE employees and customers far greater access to information about the company, specific products, and other resources.

As always, New York customers looking for “rock to road” solutions can continue to contact their nearest Tracey Road Equipment office for sales and service support.