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Builtrite Handlers and Attachments

Builtrite Material Handling Solutions

Builtrite offers material handlers and attachments for the waste handling, scrap handling, forestry, railroad, mining/steel mills/foundries and electrical utility/foundation drilling industries. Founded in 1989, Builtrite™ Manufacturing is a privately held company, located on Lake Superior in Two Harbors, Minnesota. In 2015, Northshore Manufacturing was purchased by Builtrite LLC and the Builtrite brand was taken as the Company name also.The Smart Choice in Hydraulic Excavators

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Auto Processor

Take your valuable metal recycling efforts to an entirely new level. Maximize your cash flow from your auto scrapping and recycling operations. The SAS ExtremeTM auto processing attachment is engineered specifically for medium size excavators 16 to 30 ton size.

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Scrap Handling

Builtrite™ 4-Tine Orange Peel Grapples are designed with the professional scrap processor and waste handler in mind to provide maximum durability and low maintenance, reducing your downtime. Orange peel grapples are the preferred attachment for moving large volumes of scrap steel.

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Builtrite™ Bypass Utility Grapples are designed for handling a wide variety of wood and other materials including logs, brush, railroad ties, pallets, etc. With their by-passing tines, they excel in picking up both individual items and multiple items.

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General PurposeBuiltrite_General_Purpose_Grapple

Builtrite™ Heavy Duty Butt Tine Utility Grapples are extremely versatile and designed for handling a wide variety of materials, from concrete slabs, concrete barriers, construction attachments, rock, pallets, etc.  The tine tips come completely together, allowing them to pick both small single items to large, bulky items with ease.

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Solid WasteBuiltrite_Solid_Waste_Grapples

Builtrite™ Trash Handling/Tamping Grapples are designed for handling and densifying all types of solid waste. These grapples are ideal for use in waste transfer stations, assisting with loading solid waste into truck trailers, roll-off containers or railroad cars. When fully closed, the grapple bottom is flat, providing an excellent tamping device for densifying loads.

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Truck MountedBuiltrite_Truck_Mounted_Grapples

The Builtrite, Model 88-TM, Truck Mounted Material Handler is the most advanced truck mounted material handler on the market today. It features an excellent lift capacity, a pilot operated, on demand, load sensing hydraulic system, which equates to being incredibly smooth, fast and very easy to operate, even for the beginner operator.

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