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Express AssessmentIn Louisville, Kentucky on March 21st Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) announced an exciting new program between DTNA and their dealers.  This new program is called Elite Support and within it participating dealers strive to reach the standards it sets.  The end goal is to provide a better customer experience through key components such as quality assurance, rapid diagnosis, faster turnaround times, and consistent communication.

Our Tracey Road Equipment location in East Syracuse, NY is proud to announce that we were recently added to the list of Elite Support Validated Dealers!  There are currently 79 dealers that have been certified, with 76 more in the process.  The Elite program has been an amazing opportunity for our dealership and has facilitated a great deal of change and progress within every sector of our business.  Elite Support dealerships across the U.S. and Canada will be holding open house events to showcase the components and influence the program has had on their respective dealerships.

This is not a one time validation where dealers simply pass a few tests.  “What sets Elite Support apart is that DTNA-affiliated dealers are using continuous improvement methods to provide the foundation and skills for dealers to address their self-identified opportunities for improvement” says Martin Osborne, general manager of distribution network development for DTNA.  It generally takes around seven months for a dealership to achieve certification.  There are a number of different areas in which dealers must prove adept, including Express Assessment, service and parts processes, technical and operation training and cusomter amenities.  Efficiency is enhanced by enforcing improved organization, cleanliness and sustainability.

Express AssessmentOne of the highlights of the Elite Support program is the implementation of Express Assessment Service that enables drivers to get in and have their truck assessed within two hours.  Once the problem is diagnosed the availability of parts is immediately checked and the customer can be informed right away how long they can expect their truck to be out of commission and make other arrangements.  By visiting Freightliner’s website you can find the Express Assessment location nearest you!

Express AssessmentThere is a lot of work involved in becoming an Elite Support Certified Dealer.  The steps taken in order to meet the 129 standards are carried out by a team within the dealership itself.  This in house method of attack allows the improvement to be perpetual.  Osborne says “This collaborative program between DTNA and our truck dealerships will continually raise the bar so our end customers benefit from the improved customer service experience and standardization Elite Support offers.  The renewed culture of pride the program is building with our dealer partners is an added benefit.”  Daimler said that the Elite Support program has been nearly three years in the making, and it will undoubtedly continue to grow and evolve, as will each dealership within its scope.

“The current standards are the beginning, not the end,” Martin Osborne, general manager of distribution network development for DTNA.

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