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Technological advancements have created countless ways in which we as a world wide community stay up to date with the newest stories, the hottest products and whatever it is that everyone else is talking about. Whether it be google, facebooktwitter, or any of the million other choices for internet searches, we can become informed on just about anything in seconds with the touch of a button. It has become apparent that in our global marketplace, the top players in business tend to jump on the bandwagon of the newest, hippest trends.

In the sector of eco-friendly advancement and “going green” this is definitely true; all of the biggest names are on board, but this is far from a fad that will be passé in no time. Slogans and labels like going green, organic, fuel efficient and energy star are ways for businesses big and small to show they are doing their part. Companies like Target, Hewlett-Packard, SC Johnson, Starbucks, Toyota, and even Anheuser-Busch are making industry leading steps towards becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly. Each company is finding which ways work best for them and their industry to join the effort; utilizing solar panels, doing more with less, using recycled materials, creating less harmful waste to lessen their environmental impact, the options are limitless.

One of the most recent headlines boasting these types of efforts has Diamler Truck North America’s (DTNA) name all over it. On February 23, 2012 DTNA announced that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified DTNA’s 2013 line up of combination, heavy-duty, and vocational vehicles as being fully compliant with the new greenhouse gas 2014 (GHG14) regulations. Through this program the EPA is foreseeing a drop in oil consumption by 530 million barrels, as well as in GHG emissions by 270 million metric tons. The GHG14 was designed with the goal of improving energy security, increasing fuel savings, and reducing GHG emissions while setting a standard for manufacturers.

With the Freightliner Cascadia leading the way DTNA is not only a part of this revolutionary program by the EPA and Department of Transportation’s Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) they are presenting themselves as a leader in their industry by completing the GHG14 certification a full year ahead of the deadline. With such powerhouse companies and administrations behind this movement, it is sure to be successful in reducing the carbon footprint made trucks and buses as well as inspire other forces to come together in making a difference, no matter what the industry.


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