Dredging “The Cut” in Henderson Harbor

Jefferson County crews have begun a dredging project in a channel of Henderson Harbor known as “The Cut”, that will allow boaters to safely travel from the rough waters of Lake Ontario to the calm waters of Henderson Harbor. Sediment buildup in “The Cut” has made this part of the channel hard to navigate and has forced boaters to take a longer route to and from Lake Ontario. Many boaters rely on fishing for work and this will make navigating these waterways easier and cut expenses. The hunting and fishing industries have a $1.5 billion impact on New York States economy. The States budget included $60,000 in funds for this project.

The project is being led by the Jefferson County Highway Department. With the use of a Hyundai R290LC long reach excavator, sediment is being dredged from the canal bottom and removed from the site. A lowered channel in the Henderson Harbor canal will allow for safe travel for all boaters for years to come. This dredging project will also play an important role in protecting the environment. Once the project is complete, the area will have proper water flow from Lake Ontario into Henderson Harbor. Plans are also in place to extend the pier near “The Cut” about 40 feet this fall.

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