Elite Support Dealers Continue To Raise The Bar For Customers

It’s one thing to talk about exceptional customer service. But it’s something else entirely when you can prove you’re among the best. Tracey Road Equipment is proud to be recognized as an Elite Support Certified dealership by Daimler Trucks North America.

Daimler’s own business practices are based on a philosophy of continuous improvement through ongoing assessment. The Elite Support certification program helps dealers emphasize that same philosophy, by instituting specific best practices aimed at enhancing customer experience. Certified dealers demonstrate efficiency in service and parts processes, provide their staff with internal technical and operational training and offer a wide range of customer amenities.

Official recognition makes us work even harder.

Here at Tracey Road Equipment, we see our Elite Support certification as a responsibility as well as an honor. It’s more important than ever for us to live up to the program’s superior standards, every day, with every customer. That takes a lot of effort, but nothing of value is easy. And this program is a natural fit for us, because we’ve always had a culture of excellence and promoted a working environment that allows our people to provide first-rate customer experience.

For us, Elite Support certification is a pledge that every customer’s experience will meet not only our high standards, but those of Daimler and our Elite Dealer Network peers, too. The program gives us both a blueprint to identify and standardize best practices and a yardstick by which to measure actual results. We’re able to apply those proven, objective criteria to offer our customers something that no one else in our area can.

Our customers know that Freightliner and Western Star trucks are top of the line. But when you see that Elite Support insignia, you know you can expect more from us as a dealership in the way of rapid diagnostics, consistent communication and all-around exceptional service.

Certification is just the beginning.

The certification process can take several months to complete. Steps include a broad self-assessment, a multi-day “boot camp,” special training sessions for each dealership’s Continuous Improvement Coordinator and verification that the dealership has met all 127 Elite Support standards.

Once certified, dealers participate in monthly audits and quarterly training events. They can share their successes and discuss their challenges with one another through ongoing working groups that meet online, via telephone in person, and there’s an annual training conference, too. Everything about the program is designed to give dealers the foundation and needed skills to continue building on past performance.

In keeping with the spirit of continuous improvement, program standards are constantly being upgraded. So when dealers apply to renew their certification each year, they must meet the latest set of standards.

Enhancing dealership processes that address customer concerns raises the bar on customer satisfaction. Elite Support dealers are very closely attuned to their customers’ needs and expectations. They know every dollar counts and every minute counts when it comes to service or repairs. They know that the best way to help customers improve their own business productivity and profitability is by serving as a total support resource for them.

Tracey Road Equipment is proud of our reputation for providing superior customer service. Our Elite Support certification validates that. We believe it builds additional trust with prospective customers and reinforces our existing customers’ confidence that their loyalty is well-placed.