Hyundai Construction: New HL730-9A boasts a number of improvements

Hyundai Construction: New HL730-9A boasts a number of improvements

Meet the newest wheel loader from Hyundai Construction: the HL730-9A. It has everything you’d expect in a Hyundai, only it’s better because it incorporates numerous improvements over its predecessor. Whether you’re working construction, demolition, recycling or utility jobs, this machine can help you work smarter and save money, too.

High pressure rail system + advanced in-cylinder combustion = more power.

The Hyundai Construction HL730-9A uses less fuel, thanks to its Tier 4i compliant  Cummins QSB4.5 engine. Electronic control ensures the fuel-to-air ratio is always just right. You get 128 horsepower, but it’s quieter. And your operator can choose standard, power or economy mode to adjust control for different working conditions.

The HL730-9A weighs 23,249 pounds. It provides 2.5 cubic yard bucket capacity and breakout force of up to 20,170 pounds. Two model options are especially handy, depending on the job at hand:

  • There’s an extended-reach model for higher dump heights.
  • There’s a tool carrier that features parallel lift. 

The fully-automatic tranny offers four shift modes, giving your operator even more control to meet individual job requirements. In addition to customizing machine power and shift time, operators can use the clutch cut-off activation switch to further adjust the machine’s capabilities for each job. The automatic transmission makes travel faster and quieter, too.

Hyundai Construction makes life easier for operators in other ways, too.

The HL730-9A’s cab has been redesigned, so it’s more comfortable and more convenient. That increases operator productivity and makes even the toughest day more pleasant.

It’s easier – and safer – to get in and out of the cab, because the ladder features big, deep cast-aluminum steps at a 20-degree incline. It’s easier to see the work area, because door glass is larger and the windshield is 17% wider. And it’s easier to track machine functions, on the 5.7” touch screen LCD monitor. Operators can see bucket settings, readouts from the integrated load weighing system, self-diagnostic data and watch the feed from their back-up camera.

Since operators come in different sizes, the steering column tilts and telescopes and the wrist area is adjustable. And let’s not forget the entertainment. Hyundai has included choices for even the most discerning operator, including AM/FM radio, MP3 interface, USB port and hands-free Bluetooth.

And who wouldn’t love a machine that talks to you?

The HL730-9A comes with Hyundai’s popular Hi-Mate Remote Management System, which enables operators and also service techs to access the machine’s service and diagnostic data any time, from anywhere, via the internet. That saves time and assure even greater reliability.

Back on the ground, regular servicing is faster and easier because it’s ground-level. The hydraulic oil coolers swing open and the transmission tilts, so they’re easier to access. The rear door opens wider than 70 degrees. Gauges are located in convenient places.

The Hyundai Construction HL730-9A could be the new wheel loader you’ve been looking for. Maybe it’s time you introduced yourself.