Hyundai Construction Adds Third Tandem Drum Roller to their Compaction Line

Hyundai recently added a third tandem-drum roller to its Series 9 line of compaction rollers. The new HR26T-9 is compact in size, but tough and reliable for paving and road maintenance jobs. It is an excellent choice for road construction, public works, utilities, and military use.

Hyundai also makes two other tandem-drum compaction rollers aimed at the asphalt paving and maintenance market, and the company manufactures four single-drum models, primarily for soil and aggregate applications. So what’s so great about the new HR26T-9?

You need a tandem-drum roller that can get the job done

That requires power and versatility. The Hyundai HR26T-9 has you covered here. It weighs in at 6,393 lbs. (2,900 kg), with 47.2-inch (1,200 mm) drum width and 12.08 kg/cm linear drum load. It comes equipped with an air-cooled Duetz D 2011 L2 I diesel engine that is both durable and fuel-efficient as well as large fuel tanks.

The HR26T-9 provides:

  • Quiet, fuel-efficient operation
  • Hydrostatic drive and hydrostatic vibration system on both drums
  • Automatic (double/single) vibration mode
  • Spring-loaded braking on both drums
  • Front and rear scrapers eliminate material build-up on the drums
  • 55-gallon water-spray system that sprinkles the drum surface as well as the pavement surface, at intervals controlled by the operator
  • Largest drum in its weight class

Maximum productivity also requires operator-friendly features

The Hyundai HR26T-9 tandem drum roller has you covered here, with convenience boosters that make the work go easier and the day go faster:

  • An adjustable steering wheel that enables each operator to work comfortably
  • A noise and bearings console lever
  • ROPS roll bar
  • Spring-mounted operator’s compartment
  • A slide-able, laterally adjustable seat
  • Armrests and safety belt on the driver’s seat
  • Touch-sensitive manual emergency stop switch the operator can operate at the seat
  • Four headlights
  • Lockable dashboard

Like all of Hyundai’s compaction rollers, the HR26T-9 gives operators 360o visibility. Its compact size also helps operators clearly see the machine itself as well as the surroundings, even in small or narrow working areas.

You want a tandem-drum roller that ensures maximum uptime

That requires efficient serviceability. The Hyundai HR26T-9 has you covered here, too. The hood opens to 270o, allowing easy access from the front and sides for service and repairs. It’s easy to access the air filter, the lines are conveniently layered, and the battery’s easy-open compartment makes for quick replacement. The articulated joint requires no maintenance.

Hyundai even has you covered with an industry-leading warranty

The HR26T-9 is covered by Hyundai’s standard 3-year, 3000-hour full machine warranty as well as a lifetime warranty that covers articulation joints. Buyers can choose to add Hyundai Extend, an extended warranty that can be customized.