Liebherr Attachment

Increase Productivity with a Liebherr Likufix Attachment System

Have you checked out the Liebherr LIKUFIX attachment system yet? It’s designed for Liebherr excavators in the 26,000-88,000 lb. range and works with both manual and hydraulic attachments.

Attachments extend the practical value of a piece of equipment, in turn boosting your on-the-job productivity and ultimate ROI. Because attachments make machines more versatile, you can keep them working in multiple capacities, take on more work and complete jobs faster. Your up-front investment is substantially less than purchasing several pieces of equipment, yet the benefits add up to greater revenue generated over the machine’s lifespan.

It’s all good news for any contractor’s bottom line.

The faster you can change attachments, the more money you can make.

Attachments can quickly lose their luster if operators have to waste time fiddling around with them. In many cases, changing attachments can be a safety challenge as well. Liebherr’s LIKUFIX system eliminates those problems.

Liebherr AttachmentLIKUFIX combines automatic hydraulic coupling with hydraulic quick-change capability, so your operator never needs to leave their seat. All they have to do is press a button, and in just a few seconds they can connect a new hydraulic tool. A hydro-mechanical seal eliminates leaks. There’s never any need for pulling or twisting to remove and re-install pins, wedges, nuts or bolts. Not only is this safer, it saves valuable time.

Inside the cab, a warning light and alarm are activated when the quick-coupler is in use, and the operator can easily see the locking pin from his seat.

Quick-coupler adapters come in sizes 33 through 77. They fit most older Liebherr buckets as well as all new ones, and you can use the system with attachments and buckets from other manufacturers, too. The system enables you to rotate a backhoe bucket 180o to use for front dump applications.

How could Liebherr attachments boost your productivity?

Here are a couple of real-life examples.

Case Study #1: scrap metal recycling.

In business for generations, this company is always on the lookout for new technologies that can make their operation more efficient. As often happens in scrap recycling, material arriving at their yard contains a variety of non-ferrous materials. Typically, operators use a magnet and grapple to separate and sort these materials, then use a shear to tear apart large pieces to fit into the baler.

The problem, of course, is that it takes multiple machines to do this work, yet they aren’t all working all the time. Big expense, low ROI.

Liebherr AttachmentThis company solved their problem by switching to a Liebherr A934B HE Material Handler outfitted with the LIKUFIX system. Now their operator can smoothly go from grapple to magnet to shear as needed, in about a minute. And they’ve discovered additional benefits. They use the machine with a rotating grapple to clean and unload railroad cars, and by quickly changing attachments, they can use the Liebherr to replace other equipment being serviced, so they never miss a beat.

Case Study #2: plumbing and utility work.

This mechanical contractor won the bid on a sewer installation job that required laying 5000 feet of 24” sewer line. Normally, they would use a couple of machines and numerous attachments to dig the trench, lay the pipe and replace and compact the soil. This particular job was located along a narrow road, making manual decoupling and reattachment of new tools dangerous, time-consuming and inefficient.

This company became the first Liebherr LIKUFIX buyer in the US – they choose the Liebherr R914B — confident this new approach would improve both safety and productivity on their sewer job. They were right, because all operators had to do was drop one attachment and pick up the needed one, from inside the cab. The contractor was able to move other machines to other jobs, increasing productivity and profitability across the board.

Liebherr Attachment