Liebherr Introduces New TA 230 Articulated Dump Truck

Put the right articulated dump truck on the job and it will be worth its weight in — well, material, if not actual gold. So say the guys at Edward MacKay, a construction services firm that works on projects throughout the Scottish highlands. Edward MacKay was the first customer in Scotland to purchase Liebherr’s newest articulated dump trucks, the Liebherr TA230.

Managing director of operations says the new Liebherr TA230 is “one of the best-looking” trucks on the market. But while there’s a lot to be said for pride of ownership, you need equipment that can Get Stuff Done efficiently and safely, no matter the conditions. As a long-time Liebherr customer, they were confident in their choice, noting the Liebherr TA230 is well-engineered as well as good-looking.

Quality construction and features ensure toughness and reliability. The dump trucks come standard with an exhaust-heated body, an automatic greasing system and a full array of LED lights around the front, sides and rear. In-cab features ensure operators can work comfortably and easily, with “delayed access” lighting that makes nighttime entry and exit safer.

Long, Laden Journeys

The company was in the midst of a difficult project near Lochgilphead in Argyll, with an ultimate goal of upgrading overhead power lines. First, however, they had to create access roads through the forest so crews could get into the site to build a new line of pylons. Once that phase was completed, the new Liebherr’s went to work hauling material from the roads back out to the borrow pit.

That included “everything from the soil strip through the blasting process to the load, haul, and removal of the material,”. The ground was fairly stable, but the terrain quite steep. Each roundtrip took about a half hour. To keep loose material in place, each dump truck’s 18.1 cubic meter body was outfitted with a tailgate.

You don’t have to be located in Scotland to put Liebherr TA230 articulated dump trucks to work on your projects. Tracey Road Equipment sells them right here in New York. And we’re just a phone call or visit away.