Liebherr Wheel Loader Owner Reports Big Fuel Savings

What if your wheel loader could reduce fuel consumption by 2 gallons every hour? That’s no dream according to one of our Tracey Road Equipment customers, who reports exactly that experience with their Liebherr L586XP loader compared to their Deere 844L wheel loader.

Those savings add up fast. If your loader works 2000 hours over the year, you would save:

  • $10 per hour
  • $20,000 for the year
  • $100,000 over 5 years

And that’s just the direct fuel cost savings. Add in cost savings that come from reduced brake and tire wear, and the overall savings per year and over the unit’s lifetime are substantial.

Liebherr does say in their product literature that the L586XP and its cousin the L550XP can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%.

It’s all thanks to Liebherr’s X-Power driveline

The system uses a dual power delivery approach.  A hydrostatic drive delivers power for startup and short loading cycles, and a mechanical drive delivers greater power for higher speeds and climbing inclines. Power is variably combined and adjusted as needed to meet existing conditions using finely-tuned gearbox ratios to ensure peak performance. At the same time, streamlined interaction between the diesel engine, gearbox and hydraulics ensure maximum efficiency.

You can watch a visual description here.

There is a lot more to love about the Liebherr L550XP (4.3 YD) and Liebherr L586XP (8 YD) wheel loaders. These machines are not only hard working and fuel-efficient, they come equipped with outstanding in-cab features and amenities and simplified maintenance that save time and boost productivity.

It’s easy to see for yourself. Contact our team about scheduling a working demonstration, and visualize your bottom line when you start saving 2 gph day in and day out.