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New Additions To Hyundai’s Line of HL900 Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders continue to gain in popularity, thanks to their versatility. To meet increasing demand, OEMs continue to design new models that fill in gaps in their product lines, making it easier for customers to select a right-sized wheel loader for their needs. Recently Hyundai revealed not one, but two, new additions to its HL900 Wheel Loader series – the HL965 and HL975.

The new machines share some things in common:

  • Hyundai Wheel Loaders Tier IV Final compliance.
  • An extended reach “XT” option, with a lift arm that can adds 14” to dumping reach and height.
  • Standard drivetrain with ZF axles and transmission.
  • Hyundai’s proprietary buckets made of wear-resistant AR400 steel and designed with curved side plates and a spill guard. That allows as much as 5% more payload per bucket, compared to industry-standard buckets.
  • Hyundai’s Hi-Mate remote management and diagnostics system, with free access for the first three years.

As its model number indicates, this wheel loader fits between Hyundai’s HL960 and HL970 models. It’s vital statistics:

  • 269-hp Cummins QSL9 engine
  • Standard 4.7 cubic yard Hyundai bucket
  • 44,313 lb. standard operating weight
  • 32.340 lb. rated tipping load

HL975 Hyundai Wheel Loader Tracey Road Equipment Wheel Loaders for Sale Wheel Loaders New YorkHL975
This is a new model for Hyundai, a machine the OEM says “gives customers a more affordable alternative to larger loaders like the Hyundai HL980, and provides higher horsepower, larger bucket capacity, and improved tipping load than the Hyundai HL970 model.” This machine is expected to be especially popular for high-production digging and loading applications such as quarry and gravel pit operations, and surface coal mining.

The HL975’s vital statistics:

  • Cummins all-new QSG12 engine, with 331 net hp
  • Standard 6.3 cubic yard Hyundai bucket
  • 58,420 lb. standard operating weight
  • 44,090 lb. rated tipping load

A multitude of standard Hyundai features

Both the HL965 and HL975 incorporate a wide range of features that are standard across the entire HL900 product line. Those include:

  • Onboard weight system that offers both manual and automatic settings to monitor individual bucket and cumulative weights. The system is accurate to +/- 1%, not quite enough to meet certified payload measurement requirements, but far more accurate than most onboard scales.
  • HL975 Hyundai Wheel Loader Tracey Road Equipment Wheel Loaders for Sale Wheel Loaders New YorkAn innovative electro-hydraulic control system (on larger models, only) that provides more precise control to boost productivity. The system also enables features such as bucket “soft end stop” and cushioned boom operating, which helps retain material in the bucket and reduces component wear and tear.
  • Roomy, quiet cab with fully-adjustable and heated air-ride seat and advanced climate control.
  • Ergonomic, centrally-located control switches that increase safety as well as productivity.
  • 7-inch touchscreen with interactive display that allows a speed limit control.
  • High-resolution rear camera that improves visibility in low-light or nighttime conditions.
  • Optional “smart start” ignition that requires a password or Bluetooth key.
  • Tilt-back engine hood, ground-line access to filters mounted remotely, and centrally-located lubrication banks, all of which make it easier to reach and service maintenance points.
  • Dipsticks for monitoring engine and transmission oil levels.
  • Remote-mounted drains for engine and hydraulic oil.
  • Hyundai’s industry-leading 3-year/3,000-hour full-machine standard warranty, plus 5-year/10,000-hour structural warranty. The OEM also offers an optional extended warranty.

Hyundai has made some other upgrades, too

  • The HL940XT extended reach wheel loader now has an even longer boom, to accommodate jobs that require higher lifting and dumping of lighter-weight materials. The OEM cites livestock feed as an example.
  • The HL960 can now be spec’d with an optional heavy-duty axle configuration (HL960HD), for severe duty applications such as scrap yards, landfills, and forestry.

The Hyundai HL965 and HL975 models are available in both the US and Canada. Want to learn more and check one out up close? Give us a call.


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