Sakai Soil Compactors

Sakai Soil Compactors

Sakai Soil Compactors are available with two drum types – smooth drum and padfoot drum. Smooth drums are designed for compaction of rock, gravel, sand, and semi-cohesive soils. Padfoot drums are designed for cohesive silts and clays that need far more force to knead and compact.

Many of today’s contractors are working in a variety of soil types and are in need of both types of drums. For these applications, Sakai has developed the combi-drum (TF Models), which is a smooth drum shell that bolts over top of the padfoot drum and can be changed in the field. Another feature that Sakai has is a strike-off blade that is available on most soil models (TF Models). A front-mounted blade prevents the compactor from bridging over high spots and can also be used for light backfilling.

Sakai SV204D

Operating Weight (Smooth Drum) 10,305 Lbs.
Centrifugal Force 16,635 Lbs.
Drum Width 54″
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Sakai SV414D

Operating Weight (Smooth Drum) 15,765 Lbs.
Centrifugal Force 26,525 Lbs.
Drum Width 67″
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Sakai SV544D

Operating Weight (Smooth Drum) 24,250 Lbs.
Centrifugal Force 32,820 / 57,325 Lbs.
Drum Width 84″
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