Hyundai Mini Excavators

Hyundai Mini Excavators

Hyundai mini excavators are built tough to handle all types of jobs. Hyundai has merged operator preference, fast precision, and lasting performance into a quality product. These machines are condensed workhorses and are perfect for getting into those tight places where larger equipment canT go. Hyundai offers a variety of mini excavators ranging from 3,700 lbs. to 19,000 lbs.

Hyundai Mini Excavators are designed with wide-open access doors, covers, and hoods which provide easy maintenance on the job site. Long-life components and wear parts, including hydraulic filters, oil, shims, and bushings help to reduce operating costs. The dash 9 excavators are also equipped with a newly designed instrument cluster that provides easy monitoring of engine RPM, coolant, fuel level, and electrical components. These machines are built to last!

R17Z-9A (Tier 4 Final)

Operating Weight 3,920 lbs. (Canopy)
Standard Bucket 0.05 cu.yd
Maximum Digging Depth   7′-2″
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R25Z-9AK (Tier 4 Final)

Operating Weight 5,640 lbs. (Cab)
Standard Bucket 0.09 cu.yd
Maximum Digging Depth   7′-11″
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R30Z-9AK (Tier 4 Final)

Operating Weight 6,625 lbs. (Cab)
Standard Bucket 0.09 cu.yd
Maximum Digging Depth   8′-2″
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R35Z-9A (Tier 4 Final)

Operating Weight 8,470 lbs. (Cab)
Standard Bucket 0.14 cu.yd
Maximum Digging Depth   10′-3″
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R55-9A (Tier 4 Final)

Operating Weight 12,570 lbs. (Cab)
Standard Bucket 0.24 cu.ft
Maximum Digging Depth 12′-6″”
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R60CR-9A (Tier 4 Final)

 Operating Weight13,450 lbs. (Cab)
Standard Bucket0.24 cu.yd
Maximum Digging Depth11′-9″
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R80CR-9A (Tier 4 Final)

 Operating Weight19,290 lbs. (Cab)
Standard Bucket0.37 cu.yd
Maximum Digging Depth13′-7″
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Operating Weight 20,290 lbs. (Cab)
Standard Bucket 0.33 cu.yd
Maximum Digging Depth 15′-3″
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