Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas

Built for maximum power, performance and reliability

Today’s construction equipment buyers are far more discerning than they ever have been in the past. That’s why Hyundai Construction Equipment continues to produce machines that go beyond the standard. Hyundai offers more than 18 different models of excavators and wheel loaders ranging from 3 to 7 cu/yd. capacity.

Hyundai Construction strives to build state-of-the-art earthmoving equipment that gives every operator maximum performance, precision, ease of operation, versatile machine options, and proven quality. The fully re-designed cabins offer low noise and increased visibility, providing a pleasant working environment. A comfortable operator is a productive operator.

Hi-Mate Remote Management System

Hi-mate is a remote management system that utilizes GPS-satellite technology to provide customers with the highest level of service and product support available. Hi-mate allows you to remotely access and evaluate your machines’ performance, diagnostic information, and machine location at the push of a button. This feature comes standard on all New Dash 9 machines.

Sourcewell awards competitively solicited cooperative contracts which its members can use to order and purchase equipment and services across a wide range of categories. Under the heavy construction equipment contract, Hyundai facilitates transactions with Sourcewell members through its North American network of authorized Hyundai Construction Equipment dealerships. Hyundai offers Sourcewell members guaranteed machine and accessory pricing.

Hyundai authorized dealers to provide customers with machine prep, delivery, service, and warranty-covered repairs. Read Full Press Release Here

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