Hyundai Haul Trucks

Hyundai Haul Trucks

The Hyundai line of haul trucks offers best-in-class ground clearance & ground bearing pressure. Combined with superior torque at low engine RPM, and superior power and traction, we offer you the best productivity. Offering two different models, the HA30 with a rated payload of 28 tons respectively, and the HA45A with a rated payload of 41 tons respectively, Hyundai haul trucks provide an ideal match for Hyundai’s larger crawler excavators and wheeled loaders. Designed primarily for high-volume earthmoving projects, highway construction, and mine and quarry operations, Hyundai’s haul trucks provide maximum drive and traction in the worst site conditions, maintaining year-round productivity for the customer.


 Engine362 hp
Operating Weight51,147 lbs
Rated Payload61,730 lbs
Heaped Capacity23.3 cu/yd
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Engine 483 hp
Operating Weight 66,359 lbs
Rated Payload 90,390 lbs
Heaped Capacity 34 cu/yd
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