Save Lives with AAVM Visibility

Construction accidents accounted for more than 21% all private industry worker fatalities in 2016. And that was not an unusual year. Two of the top four causes of construction fatalities directly relate to jobsite visibility – or, rather, lack of it: being struck by an object or getting caught in equipment or being crushed, often between moving equipment and some other object.

Better “live area” visibility can save lives

Safety training is a critical component of every contractor’s work plan. But Hyundai’s AAVM technology can greatly reduce the risk of human error when it comes to injuries and fatalities. AAVM stands for All Around View Monitoring. It’s a system of strategically-placed, heavy-duty cameras that enable the equipment operator to literally see all around the machine, 360o, via the in-cab monitor.

That’s maximum visibility.

AAVM is available on all Hyundai wheel loaders and on Hyundai HX130LCR and HX520L excavators. Simply by pushing a button, the operator can call up 10 different viewing angles, in any direction, for a customized look at the surrounding area. The system can also thread together images to create a seamless all-around view. Images are displayed on a large, color touchscreen monitor (7” in wheel loaders, 8” in excavators). The monitor is bright and images are high-resolution, for maximum clarity whether working during the day or at night.

IMOD works proactively to detect objects or motion

Ability to see surrounding terrain, structures and other objects is vital for wheel loader and excavator operators. But jobsites are alive with movement – other equipment as well as crew members. So Hyundai integrates their Intelligent Moving Object Detection (IMOD) with the AAVM system to instantly alert operators to the presence of people or inanimate objects.

IMOD works within a specified “safety alert zone.” In wheel loaders, it can detect people or objects as far away as 23 feet from the machine. In excavators, detection works up to 16.5 feet. The system sounds an audible alarm. At the same time, it displays a close proximity indicator on the video display along with an arrow that flashes while changing colors to pinpoint the location.

Making 2020 a safer year

It is paramount for contractors and other businesses that use heavy equipment to do everything possible to reduce accidents — injuries to people and damage to equipment or other property. Hyundai’s All Around View Monitoring system with is a big step forward (and in every other direction).