Schwarze Sweeper Maintenance

Mistakes to Avoid

Schwarze heavy-duty sweepers have a reputation for providing superior quality industrial cleaning. But like all things mechanical, these machines must be cleaned and cared for regularly so you can make the most of your investment.

Preventative maintenance also saves you money over the long term and extends the life of these sweeper trucks. Additionally, regular repairs ensure the safety of the machine operators, safeguarding them from any unfortunate accidents.

That’s why every contractor should put in place processes to find possible issues with their sweepers, fixing loose parts, vibrations, misalignments, etc., as and when necessary.

Here are some Schwarze sweeper maintenance mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Failure To Check The Fan And Inlet

Keep an eye out for accumulations of debris that can damage the driveline and the bearings if left unchecked for too long. Any time there is a hint of machine vibration, you should know it’s time to replace the fan. To maintain the driveline current, install new bearings when it’s time to renovate the fan.

Neglecting The Sweeping Head

The sweeping head is the most critical component of your truck because scrubber performance suffers when it is out of alignment. Make sure to realign as often as necessary and change the rubber skirts every few months.

Ignoring The Warning Lights

The biggest maintenance mistake you can make is disregarding the dashboard warning lights that tell you about the engine. The longer you leave the warning lights unattended, the more you’ll pay for repair and replacements later.

Not Checking The Water System

When the water system works properly, the debris gets damp as it hits the hopper, preventing it from clinging to the screen and obstructing airflow. So, check the water filter and spray nozzles daily to ensure they are clean. Repair or replace any broken components promptly.

Failure To Upkeep The Hydraulics

Ensure regular hydraulic filter changes, use the proper viscosity oil, and make pressure adjustments to keep your sweeper trucks in optimum condition. At the first sign of a drop in hydraulic pressure, replace any weak or inoperable components. Filter replacement prevents hydraulic oil contamination and returns pressure, both of which can limit hydraulic flow.

Leaving The Curb Brooms Untended

The curb brooms’ job is to sweep away the dirt from the curbs and into their route. So, replace them as soon as they wear out.

To keep your Schwarze Sweeper operating at its best, you may also need to change the bristles or alter the strike pattern of the curb brooms. If you can no longer achieve the strike pattern required to clean the curb effectively, it is time to change the curb broom bristles.

Ignoring The State Of The Brakes

Not getting the brakes checked out at the first hint of trouble can cause further damage. If you hear grinding or squealing sounds, you need to have the braking system checked out as quickly as possible.

Failure To Replace Windshields Timely

Not replacing the worn-out windshield wipers might seem like a small mistake, but it can lead to more significant trouble. Worn-out windshield wipers leave streaks, impairing the driver’s ability to see the road and other automobiles, increasing the likelihood of accidents. So, be vigilant about windshields.

Not Maintaining The Air Seals

Air seals should be inspected at least once a month and replaced when they start to wear out. When the rubber seals connected to the fan inlet, intake tubes, or doors of the hopper show signs of wear, replace them to maintain a tight seal and get the most out of your vacuum.

In Conclusion

Schwarze sweepers are an excellent investment, primarily because of the modular componentry that significantly reduces repair time and ownership cost.

However, preventative maintenance is essential for your sweeper and is best left to the experts.

Performing maintenance on your Schwarze Sweeper without basic knowledge can be risky. Repairs should only be attempted by trained professionals with the essential tools, expertise, and diagnostic equipment. Enrolling in one of the sweeper training programs Schwarze offers might also be a good idea.