The Benefits of Road Widener Products

The Benefits Of Road Widener Products

From road widening and aggregate placement to backfilling, road construction tasks have always been difficult and time-consuming, relying heavily on large crews and backbreaking manual labor. 

However, Road Widener’s material placement and compaction equipment attachments have revolutionized the road construction industry, providing greater efficiency, mobility, and safety. 

You can use these versatile attachments for road shouldering, road rehabilitation, trench work, and more, making your aggregate dispersal or compaction applications a breeze. 

With Road Widener products, you can expect increased productivity, profits, and peace of mind to help drive business growth. 

Still unsure why you should choose Road Widener products such as FH-R and Offset Vibratory Roller? Read on!

FH-R Series Road Widener (Material Placement Attachment)

The FH-R material placement attachment is a compact and patented tool that helps enhance your overall business profitability. 

It enables you to undertake various tasks such as road shoulder repairs, trench backfilling, road widening, and even aggregate and asphalt placement. 

Easily compatible with your existing equipment, the FH-R is available in single and dual discharge configurations with a laydown width ranging from 1 to 6 feet (30 to 183 cm).

Without much ado, here are a few benefits of the FH-R Series Road Widener:

Precise Dispensing

The FH-R machine can place aggregate quickly and precisely with one person in under 10 minutes. It comes with configuration flexibility for single, left-side, right-side, or dual discharge to accurately place the aggregate without the need for additional sweeping or scraping. 

Asphalt, gravel, or topsoil feeds into the top hopper and can easily be dispensed along a roadway in widths ranging from 1 to 6 feet (30.5-183 cm). 

Moreover, it’s remote-controlled, reducing the need for multiple machines and additional crew for cleanup, helping you streamline the job site.

Less Downtime 

Believe it or not, fewer machines mean less maintenance and lower costs. Unlike a self-propelled machine, the FH-R attachment reduces maintenance by 90% and adds functionality to your fleet. 

It has only five grease fittings, connects easily to most machines such as road graders, skid steers, and loaders, and requires no engine, filters, or transmission. 

Not to mention, its compact design makes it easy to transport on the same trailer or with a pickup truck, saving time and money.

Lower Cost

The FH-R attachment is considerably cheaper than self-propelled shouldering machines, costing only a fraction of the price and resulting in savings of up to 80% for customers. Moreover, it reduces crew requirements by half and allows remote-control operation, ensuring precise aggregate dispersion. 

This leads to long-term labor savings and enables crews to perform other tasks efficiently and safely at the job site instead of manually handling the aggregate.

Offset Vibratory Roller (Compaction Equipment Attachment)

Road Widener’s Offset Vibratory Roller attachment enables the host machine to stay on a flat surface while compacting road shoulders and ditches. 

Unlike self-propelled drum rollers and machines, it doesn’t require operators to be in tipping positions, enhancing safety and worker satisfaction on the job site. 

Moreover, its investment cost is equal to the cost of one worker’s compensation claim, making it a cost-effective and reliable solution for road construction projects. 

Listed below are a few reasons why you should choose Road Widener’s Offset Vibratory Roller over other attachments:

  • Reduces Rollover Risks: The roller comes with an offset arm that allows operators to stay on flat ground while rolling and compacting shoulders and ditches. Not only it enhances crew safety but also reduces workers’ compensation claims.
  • Minimal Maintenance: No transmission, hydraulic pump, or onboard engine to maintain periodically.
  • Compact Design: The attachments are small enough to fit on standard trailers with host machines, without requiring special permits.
  • Increased Compatibility: Use SAE quick connector couplings to connect these attachments to your existing equipment. Moreover, three interchangeable drum-size widths allow for flexible compaction of various materials, including crushed stone, topsoil, and hot mix asphalt.


Designed for use in several applications, Road Widener products like FH-R and Offset Vibratory Roller attachments can help maximize your fleet’s output and get the job done quickly and more safely. 

Not only are these attachments more efficient than conventional self-propelled machines, but they’re also much more affordable, costing only 20% of the price. You can easily bid more competitively and complete more tasks in a year using Road Widener’s products. 

Don’t let your road construction business get left behind – invest in Road Widener’s innovative equipment and take your business to the next level.