The New & Improved Features of the Freightliner Cascadia & Cascadia Evolution

How do they do it? As great as Freightliner on-highway trucks have always been, they just keep getting better. Now Freightliner has come up with a lengthy list of new and improved features for the Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolution.

This round of improvements was created with driver safety and convenience in mind. At first glance, a few of these changes may seem small. But each one packs specific value, and we think you’ll agree they add up to a better-than-ever Freightliner experience for owners and drivers. We say owners, too, because a more comfortable, productive driver is a greater asset in every way. And some of these changes directly save money.

Let’s take a look.

  • Getting into the cab is easier, with the A-Pillar grab handle. If you’re in and out multiple times each day, you’ll really appreciate this detail.
  • The bright yellow B-Pillar handle is easy to see at night, and that’s safer.
  • The 12.5K-rated leaf spring suspension is specifically designed to work in concert with theDetroitfront axle option. It’s lighter than the 13.3K suspension and it gives you a smoother ride.
  • The Cascadia’s day cab roof fairings have been redesigned, making this already-aerodynamic truck even more sleek. You could reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 3.7%.
  • The Bendix® AD-9SI air dryer is 40% lighter, yet it provides 25% more capacity compared to the AD-IP dryer. And it has a spin-on cartridge, which is faster to replace.
  • Integrated ParkSmart HVAC and Optimized Idle offer several benefits. The system controls cab temperature and monitors battery voltage and oil temperature, starting the engine if needed. It will automatically start the engine even if both main and auxiliary battery packs are depleted. And since ParkSmart time is virtually unlimited, you never need to worry, even if you’re parked for more than eight hours.
  • A bulb-out detector automatically monitors and alerts you if exterior lamps are malfunctioning.
  • LED flush-mounted lights on the back of the cab are bright and clear for better visibility. They last longer and draw less amperage than incandescent lights.
  • The bright finish aero mirror is one more custom option for the Cascadia Evolution. Who doesn’t want to look their stylish best rolling down the road?

Cascadia® and Cascadia Evolution are industry leaders.

The Cascadia® isn’t just another pretty face, handsome as it is. Those aerodynamic lines slip through the air with minimum drag for fuel savings any truck owner can appreciate, whether you’re operating one or an entire fleet. And with Freightliner’s legendary reliability and ease of maintenance, your work gets done more smoothly, too. Add a comfortable, quiet cab and smooth-riding proprietary air suspension system, and you have an economical on-highway workhorse.

Cascadia Evolution kicks it up a notch, with even more advanced aerodynamics and engine efficiency that can cut your fuel consumption an additional 7%. Both models are backed by Freightliner’s coast-to-coast network of top-quality dealers, so you know you’ll get the same professional service or repairs, whether you’re close to home or halfway across the country.

You can count on Freightliner to continue developing new features and improvements that make Cascadia® and the Cascadia Evolution even more valuable for growing your business. It’s exactly what you’d expect from Freightliner.