The Roadtec MTV-1100e Offers Better Visibility and Safety

In order to lay top-quality, smooth-surfaced asphalt, all the details have to come together just right. You need the right mix, at the right temperature. You need to keep moving because time is money. So you need a multi-talented material transfer vehicle. But there are numerous crew members moving around, too, so visibility is crucial to ensure safety as well as efficiency. You need the Roadtec MTV-1100e.

This machine was designed specifically for the demands of hot-mix asphalt paving, by the people that brought you the original material transfer vehicle, back in 1989. However, Roadtec’s MTV-1100e is entirely different from other Roadtec pavers, the result of decades of engineering experience plus direct input from customers.

Roadtec MTV-1100e vital statistics at a glance

  • Length:  40′ 10″

  • Width:  9′ 9″
  • Height:  9′ 10.5″
  • Weight:  47,890 lbs. (35,035kg)
  • Hydraulic Tank Capacity:  80 gallons (303 liters)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:  120 gallons (454 liters)
  • Engine:  250hp Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 4 Final

More efficient design allows for continuous paving

This new material transfer vehicle has a low profile that enables the operator to see all around the machine and converse more easily with fellow crew members. The operator can also simultaneously lead the paver and signal truck dumps. To keep workers from having to pass between machines at ground level, there are stairs with handrails located on each side of the machine.

Trucks can unload quickly, thanks to the MTV-1100e’s high-capacity front hopper. There is a vibrating plate in the bottom, which keeps material from building up, and there are heavy-duty, swiveling support casters underneath the hopper to assure smooth movement.

The MTV-1100e incorporates special anti-segregation technology that maintains material in optimal condition throughout the paving process. Final segregation correction takes place in the dump hopper, where a 22” triple-pitch segmented auger lightly re-blends the material before it moves to the paver. This reintegrates any larger aggregate that may have shifted to the sides of the conveyor, and it reheats any portions of the mix that may have cooled. The operator controls the dump hopper from the main platform.

Because the MTV-1100e provides a smooth, continuous process from truck dump to material distribution, the machine and paving itself can keep moving efficiently. That eliminates bumps that typically result from starting and stopping the paver or trucks that must back up to a stopped paver to unload. The result is a higher quality mat.

Maintaining the MTV-1100e is also more efficient

Each conveyor has hydraulic clean-out doors, and fluid fill points, grease points, the DEF tank and the main electrical power box are all accessible from the ground. No one has to crawl under the machine or open the hood to perform regular inspections or service.




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