Western Star 47X Series Goes Short to Extend Its New Product Line

Western Star 47xSometimes you just really need a shorter vocational truck. Whether it’s to comply with federal or local overall vehicle length requirements or bridge laws, or to maneuver more easily in urban or other crowded conditions, size matters for heavy-duty trucks.

Say hello to Western Star’s new 47X.

It’s everything owners have come to appreciate about Western Star’s X-Series line – but shorter than the 49X introduced in 2020. About 200 lbs. lighter, too, equally equipped. The 47X offers two bumper-to-back-of-cab configurations, measuring 110.8-in. or 111.6-in. With its shorter hood, this model gives operators an impressive 11 in. more forward visibility compared to the 49X — an industry-leading 24.8 feet. The short hood also enables wheel cuts as tight as 50 degrees.

Same Strength, Less Mass

The design team at Daimler Trucks North America says they evaluated every detail “from the cab to the frame rails, to powertrain and battery configuration” to identify opportunities for weight savings that would not compromise toughness, upfit-readiness, productivity, or owner profitability.

The 47X may be shorter but it is, after all, a Western Star.

What’s driving all the excitement?

  • Western Star 47x CraneThe Western Star 47X series model comes with a heavy-duty vocational chassis designed for the unrelenting rigors faced by dump trucks, crane trucks, and cement mixers.
  • The standard DD13 Gen 5 powertrain delivers reliable power, reliably, to get the work done, wherever that may be – construction sites, concrete plants, quarries, or on-road. It includes an all-new Detroit DT12-V transmission and Cummins L9 or X12 engine options, with front-end PTO standard on all packages except L9.
  • Upfitting for any vocational application is fast and simple, thanks to easy access for wiring and control installation.
  • The Western Star 47X series features a top-of-the-line cab that’s strong (constructed of steel-reinforced aluminum) and plush (because hard-working operators need an efficient and comfortable workspace).
  • The 47X is safer than ever, too, thanks to the Detroit Assurance® suite of proactive collision avoidance systems. Active Brake Assist 5 functions at speeds as low as 5 mph with a DT12 transmission and recognizes pedestrians as well as other vehicles and obstacles. Side Guard Assist detects passenger-side objects. This is the most advanced safety system available in the vocational market.

Leave it to Western Star to extend their X-Series line by going short. If a smaller size with no compromises is your idea of a perfect fit for your heavy-duty application, it’s time to learn more about the Western Star 47X Series.