10 Handy Equipment Attachments for skid steer owners, Part 2

In our last blog post, we talked about five handy attachments you can use to turn your skid steer into a versatile tool to handle a wide range of jobsite needs. Today, we’ll talk about five more equipment attachments from the Paladin line that can make your projects more productive and your bottom line more profitable.


McMillen 75 Series auger drives come in a wide variety of diameters, lengths and styles match every digging application. They are also available with a variety of mounts. 75 Series augers use a hydraulic motor that drives the auger through a sealed planetary gear reduction. The drive units are completely sealed, and all moving components run in oil to ensure total, consistent lubrication. These units are exceptionally durable, with minimal maintenance and service costs, thanks to heavy duty all-gear design.

All 75 Series augers models offer reverse rotation, so operators can back out quickly if they encounter an obstruction. If the auger hits a large immovable object, it’s protected from damage by the system’s hydraulic relief valve. CE certified McMillen augers are also available.


The Bradco Series II mulcher can cut and mulch 8” standing trees. It’s designed for DOT right-of-way clearing and maintenance, land clearing, pipe line and gas pipe line maintenance. You may also purchase a CE certified model.

Brush Grapple

Bradco’s Root Rake is designed to collect rocks and debris while allowing soil to sift through. The rake design makes quick work whether you’re cleaning up a job site, leveling ground or gathering materials away from buildings or other obstructions. Leaving the dirt behind benefits the land, and you’ll pay less at the land fill. The Root Rake is extra-tough and durable, too, because Bradco’s exclusively engineered alloy produces greater strength and impact resistance.

4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Buckets

You can really save time and money with attachments that fill multiple roles. The Bradco 4-in-1 Multi-Purpose Bucket works as a loader bucket, clam, grapple, dozer, box scraper and bottom dump bucket. Strong hinges and pins help distribute the load, and the bottom dump buckets enable your operator to dump into high-sideboard trucks. 4-in-1 buckets are also available CE certified.

Power Box Rakes

This could be the most versatile and effective landscape tool in the marketplace. Depending on your job site and workload, you might reasonably expect to see a return on your investment in a matter of days. There are two types of power box rakes – direct drive by FFC and chain reduction drive by Harley. These attachments can work with tractors as well as skid steers.

The power box rake is so handy you can use it to doze, shape, cut and course grade. You can also do fine grading from zero to 3.5″ depth cut, by bridging up the loader front and running on the rake’s casters in front and tractive drives in the rear (rear tires or front-elevated tracks). This enables you to clean and prep a very large area for seeding in a short period of time, without sacrificing safety because you’re always operating the loader in a forward direction. You can use this same set-up to handle de-thatching and turf removal — backing slowly and rushing forward in the same path strips out grasses but leaves workable loam I place.

How much more work could your skid steer perform with some or all of these equipment attachments? Now is the time to plan ahead, so you’re prepared to take on more jobs and complete them faster when the busy season hits next spring.