Allied Construction Offering Demolition Attachments Since 1942

When you need to break things up, you need Allied Construction Products’ Rammer series hammers. Allied is widely recognized as the leader when it comes to manufacturing hydraulic breakers – no surprise since they invented the high performance boom-mounted hydraulic hammer and have been perfecting their products for more than 70 years.

Not your typical design.

Strength calculations, impact wave theory, advanced hydraulics, materials and production technologies all come together to deliver power and toughness in equipment that is easy maintain and cost-effective to own:

  • Reinforced heavy-duty housing lasts longer, even under severe duty.
  • Top-down lubrication makes it easy to install remote lubricators.
  • Built-in air lines make the hammer underwater-ready.
  • Slip-fit tool bushings are easy to replace.

Whether you’re running an open pit mining operation or you need to break up huge boulders, remove slag, carve out tunnels, dig trenches or handle secondary breaking jobs, Allied makes demolition attachments for every conceivable application, delivering from 100 ft. lbs. to 16,000 ft. lbs. of impact.

Allied Construction

111, 222 and 333 models

Sized for demolition and recycling applications, these models are slim and lightweight but plenty tough. They adapt to a variety of oil input and return flows and pressures. This range of Rammer breaker attahmentcs is ideal for use with skid steer loaders, mini-excavators and other smaller carriers between 1,800 lbs. to 8,800 lbs.

What makes them so different?

  • They have just two moving parts.
  • There are no tie rods.
  • The accumulator is maintenance-free, never requiring routine recharging.
  • The one-piece tool bushing incorporates the thrust ring, upper and lower bushings and dust seal and is replaceable in minutes when worn.
  • Rammer’s built-in Pressure Release System allows safe, quick hose removal for quick-couplers.

555, 777 and 999 models

For larger carriers – between 7,500 lbs. to 27,600 lbs. – Allied’s Small Range Rammer breakers are on the job.

  • They use the same no-tie-rod, one-piece bushing design as their smaller cousins.
  • The Constant Blow Energy (CBE) system ensures high blow frequency.
  • Box-type housing uses high-tech dampening material to reduce sound and vibration and provide full protection for the power cell.
  • Installation is easy, thanks to a hose connecting block that swivels for left or right connections.

Allied Breakers1533 model

This Medium Range breaker also incorporates the latest innovations from Allied. Designed with the application, the environment and the operator in mind, this model features:

  • Rammer VIDAT (vibration dampened tie rod) System that reduces noise as well as vibration. Operators can work more comfortably, and it’s easier to meet urban noise restrictions.
  • Slender housing allows the operator to see the work area better and makes it easier to access trenching and demo operations.
  • Replaceable bottom plate made from wear-resistant steel.

All these options make Allied demolition attachments must-haves for your operation. They can help you achieve greater productivity and profitability, because they’re engineered to deliver the right power for the job, with less downtime, longer life and lower operating costs.