New Holland Compact Excavators

New Holland Compact Excavators

New Holland offers a full line of compact excavators delivering a range of power that suits your needs. These machines offer a dozer blade for site work that comes standard and can be equipped with auxiliary hydraulic if needed, allowing you to attach hammers, grapples and a variety of other attachments.

Features Include:

  • Long X-frames for excellent stability and support, thick-gauge steel booms and arms, high-quality boom swing castings and sealed rollers, sprockets and travel motors.
  • The engine and hydraulic system are perfectly matched to provide excellent power for digging.
  • Available with enclosed cab or open operator station.
  • Excellent visibility from cab.

Whether you word in agriculture, landscaping or construction, New Holland offers the equipment to get the job done right.

The versatility and power to improve your bottom line!

E17CNew Holland E17C

Operating Weight (Canopy) 3,910 Lbs.
Horsepower 16.8 hp.
Max. Digging Reach 12′-10″
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E26CNew Holland E26C

Operating Weight (Cab) 5,850 Lbs.
Horsepower 24.8 hp.
Max. Digging Reach 14′-8″
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E30CNew Holland E30C

Operating Weight (Cab) 6,636 Lbs.
Horsepower 24.8 hp.
Max. Digging Reach 15′-3″
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E33CNew Holland E33C

Operating Weight (Canopy) 7,110 Lbs.
Horsepower 24.4 hp.
Max. Digging Reach 17′-0″
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E37CNew Holland E37C

Operating Weight (Cab) 8,300 Lbs.
Horsepower 24.4 hp.
Max. Digging Reach 17′-5″
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E57CNew Holland E57C

Operating Weight (Cab) 12,050 Lbs.
Horsepower 66.9 hp.
Max. Digging Reach 20′-2″
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E60CNew Holland E60C

Operating Weight (Cab) 12,940 Lbs.
Horsepower 64.7 hp.
Max. Digging Reach 25′-5″
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