Hyundai Tier 4 Excavators

Dirt. Soil. Earth. Whatever you call it, sometimes you have to move tons of it before you can proceed with the rest of your project. Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has introduced three Tier 4 crawler excavators specifically engineered for mid- and large-scale earthmoving jobs.

The R300LC-9A, 330LC-9A and 380LC-9A are ideal for road or utility work such as site prep, pipeline installation and demolition. They’re tougher than ever. But they’re easier than ever to operate and maintain, so you can be more productive on the job and save money, too. And since they’re from Hyundai Construction, they come with the industry’s most heavy-duty warranty.

Hyundai ConstructionDependable power.

All three models are powered by certified Interim Tier 4 Cummins engines:

  • QSB6.7 for the 300LC-9A
  • QSC for the 330LC-9A
  • QSL9 for the 380LC-9A

You get less noise and lower emissions. But never a dip in performance, thanks to the Cummins VGT turbocharger that continuously varies the airflow boost, matching engine rpm and load demand. And drivers can choose power, standard or economy mode to minimize fuel consumption without sacrificing power.

Less fuss. More control.

The job’s tough enough. Who needs the frustration of wasted movements? These new excavators feature smart details that enhance safety as well as convenience.

The cab structure is beefed up with high-strength steel that’s stronger and safer. But the tubing is slimmer so it’s less obtrusive. Visibility is better all around, with:

  • Transparent skylight
  • Larger, one-piece right-side glass
  • Safety glass windows all around that won’t fade or scratch
  • Reduced front window seam
  • Closeable sunshade
  • Optional rear-view camera

Inside the cab, everything is more accessible. It’s easy to adjust engine power and work modes, set boom speed and arm regeneration. Redesigned hydraulics use advanced technology to give you fingertip-light handling that’s faster, easier, smoother. And the new color LCD display has digital gauges that are grouped together, to easily monitor temperature, fuel levels, etc.

There’s even a password-access anti-theft system.

Hyundai ConstructionMore amenities.

Hyundai Construction knows full well that one size does not fit all. So the new cab is roomier. And once you hop in, you can make it fit like a glove, thanks to:

  • Easy-adjusting seat, console and armrest settings
  • Heated seats
  • Standard adjustable air suspension
  • Integrated seat and console to reduce unnecessary movements
  • Ergonomic joysticks with adjustable height
  • Improved climate control system
  • Advanced audio system that includes USB player, AM/FM stereo and MP3, so you can rock out while you’re moving those rocks
  • Optional Smart Key push-button ignition system


All three of these new excavators from Hyundai Construction include the Hi-mate Remote Management System. Both drivers and service mechanics have easy access to key diagnostic and maintenance information, from anywhere with internet access. Real-time, remote monitoring lets you see the machine’s physical location as well as working hours, fuel consumption and scheduled maintenance data.

Hyundai Construction

Maintenance intervals are longer, too, with extended-life components like:

  • 250-hour bushings with polymer shims that reduce noise as well as wear
  • 1000-hour hydraulic filters
  • 5000-hour hydraulic oil
  • More efficient cooling systems
  • Integrated preheating systems

It all adds up to significantly reduced downtime. And that means more money in your pocket.


Hyundai’s philosophy has always emphasized quality before and after the sale. They back that up with an impressive investment in research and development and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

You don’t have to move the heavens. But sometimes you have to move a significant amount of earth. These new Hyundai construction class crawler excavators are ready to move when you are.


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