Hyundai Wheel Loader Helps Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

So many times when we think of construction equipment, we think of building construction, logging, road construction and a whole number of tough jobs.  Earth Care Farms in Rhode Island is proving the Hyundai HL760 Wheel Loader has an environmentally friendly side!  Earth Care Farms is a composting business that was started in 1979 by Michael Merner.  Their geographic location provides a wonderfully fertile soil for the compost farmers to start with, but the community pushes it to the next level.

Local residents and businesses provide a range of materials like leaves, wood chips, vegetable clippings, restaurant food and scraps, zoo manure, local fish byproduct and seaweed.  The local fish and other marine secondary products would normally be considered waste, but the rich nutrients that are left over are being contributed to the composting at Earth Care Farms and make it a very unique product.

In order to better understand this business and it’s needs, we have to change our view of composting from something people do in their own homes with their personal scraps, to a much larger scale of 30-acres.  Seems a little more complicated now doesn’t it?  Of course Earth Care utilizes the power of heavy equipment to help them get the job done!  They are praising their Hyundai HL760 Wheel Loader as the star of their operation.  They need to move up to 9,000 cubic yards in order to produce the 3,000 cubic yards of chemical free compost each year.

Moving 9,000 cubic yards is no small task so when it came time for the farm to purchase a piece of equipment they had to do their research to get something they could rely on to get the job done.  John Barth of Earth Care Farm says,

The hydraulic response on the HL760 is phenomenal and its eco-mode allows us to save money on fuel without sacrificing performance, while remaining environmentally conscious through lower emissions.  With fuel bring such a key expense in the manufacture of compost, the econo mode on the HL760 was a huge selling point.  In addition, the machine moves quickly.  With four forward and three reverse speeds, it can travel up to 21.3 miles per hour, which helps us get more done in less time.

This machine really sells itself.  Along with the great features that John points out, it is built for comfort with a number of impressive features; climate control that allows for productivity in the extreme hot and cold, cabin air fresh filter, and wide, tinted and laminated windshield.  The HL760 was built with its operator in mind.  It has easily accessible service points, pilot filter, grease fittings, electric controllers, fuse box and remote drain port for routine maintenance.

When a company like Earth Care Farm, that provides such a great service, relies  mainly on word of mouth for its new business, it needs to be as industrious, productive, and efficient as possible to keep growing.