Hyundai’s All New HL965 Loader

Wheel loaders are a popular commodity on many types of worksites, because they are so versatile. But one size does not fit all – literally, or in terms of performance characteristics. With that in mind, manufacturers keep coming up with new models, creating machines suited to just about anything, with features that please equipment operators and the bean counters, too.

Hyundai’s latest entry into the wheel loader marketplace? The all-new HL965.

Operator-friendly features

Ergonomics and amenities make a big difference when you’re sitting in a cab all day. The Hyundai HL965 packs in physical upgrades and technology that help operators work smarter, faster, and more comfortably:

    • 10% larger cabin
    • Ergonomically-designed work space
    • Fully adjustable seat
    • ROPS/FOPS security
    • Soundproofed – state-of-the-art noise reduction ensures in-cabin quiet even in extra-noisy working environments such as waste handling or quarries
    • Beefed-up HVAC circulates air more efficiently
    • New mirror placements for broader visibility
    • Optional LED front, working and rear combination lights

Operators can maneuver the boom, bucket and a third hydraulic line for attachments more efficiently, with less effort, using the electro-hydraulic (EH) joystick control lever. Optionally, fingertip control is available. And so is joystick steering wheel control.

The “infotainment” system includes a bigger, easier-to-read 7” touchscreen on which operators can view and track equipment operation data. Using the EH control and touchscreen together enables operators to apply “soft end stop,” “bucket priority” or “boom bucket detent mode” controls. (The “soft stop” reduces shock at the end of each stroke for smoother, less wearing operation.)

The infotainment system’s audio component includes a radio as well as Bluetooth hands-free operation for Wi-Fi connection. Operators can also connect their smartphone to the system.

Functional features

Like all wheel loaders in Hyundai’s HL line, the HL965 comes with standard on-board weighing system that offers both manual and automatic settings to monitor single and cumulative bucket load weights. What’s new is the new-and-improved bucket. It holds more and spills less, thanks to a wider opening, curved side plates and improved spill guard. Hyundai also incorporated highly wear-resistant steel in vital structural areas, increasing bucket durability.

Cleaning and servicing the HL965’s engine is a lot easier, because the hood retracts (all the way) with just a flip of the electric switch. This is a first for Hyundai wheel loaders.

The air filter lasts longer, with help from a large-volume air cleaner outfitted with ab automatic dust-ejector. Optionally, you can add a three-stage intake air pre-cleaner.

Vital statistics:

    • 44,313 lb. operating weight
    • 4.7 yd3 bucket capacity
    • Cummins QSL9 electronically-controlled diesel engine (272 HP/2,100 rpm gross power)

Want a longer boom to achieve larger dumping height? You can have that, too, in the HL965 XT model.

Rest assured that the HK965 isn’t all new

It’s made from the same premium-grade steel Hyundai is known for. And it has undergone the same battery of strenuous rigid cycle, heat, vibration, and shock load tests that all of Hyundai’s new models must pass. With flying colors. Hyundai says the HL965 will bring you longer up time, lower operating costs and greater productivity. What’s not to love about that?