Liebherr Adds L 538 Wheel Loader to Mid-Size Line

If you missed a chance to check out Liebherr’s new mid-size wheel loader when it rolled off the assembly line last summer, now is the time. The L 538 could be exactly the machine you need to achieve maximum productivity and profitability this year. It’s certainly versatile enough. And, like all the equipment in Liebherr’s line-up, it’s a reliable working partner, even under the toughest conditions.

In terms of size and capacity, the L 538 falls in between the L 526 and L 546, making the OEM a triple threat when it comes to new-gen mid-size wheel loaders.

Here are the machine’s vital statistics:

  • 20,945 lb. tipping load
  • 4 cu. Yd. bucket capacity
  • 153 hp Tier 4 Final diesel engine
  • Hydrostatic driveline

You can spec Z-bar linkage for standard applications, or choose parallel lift arms for industrial applications. Both options respond rapidly for maximum efficiency, but each one is intended to address a different type of challenge. The Z-bar linkage is the better choice for applications where the loader will be performing break-out work or similar tasks that require high torque in lower lift arm positions. For industrial jobs such as recycling, the parallel lift arm configuration makes most sense because it offers high torque when the lift arms are raised.

The L 538 uses a diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter, and selective catalytic reduction process to meet exhaust gas after-treatment mandates and reduce emissions.

What can the L 538 do for you?

Durability keeps machines on the job, generating more revenue and boosting ROI. This machine has larger axles and automatic self-locking differentials that ensure best-possible traction no matter the terrain. It has a steel structural frame and top-quality hydraulic components.

The L 538 can deliver higher tipping loads with low operating weight and less counterweight that is usually required. That’s because the heaviest components, including the engine, are located at the back of the machine, which effectively shifts its center of gravity backward. The advantage here is improved productivity because operators can use larger buckets.

Even at the lowest engine speeds, power efficiency controls give you the power you need while saving as much as 25% on fuel consumption compared to other same-size wheel loaders. The hydrostatic driveline allows fast, smooth acceleration in every speed range, without causing fluctuations in tractive force. In fact, you may not even notice as the gears change. The machine also features continuous traction control, which works with the automatic self-locking differentials to prevent wheel spin. You can save up to 25% on tire wear, prolonging tire life and reducing operating costs.

Liebherr’s LIKUFIX hydraulic quick-hitch system can be spec’d for the L 538. This allows the operator to use a variety of hydraulic or mechanical tool attachments in a short timeframe with the press of a button. Even the hydraulic lines connect automatically. So the operator doesn’t need to leave the cab, making the process both faster and safer.

And, leave it to Liebherr to ensure operator comfort and safety

A comfortable working environment keeps operators alert, and ergonomic design makes the day more productive. The L 538 features:

  • Wide access ladder
  • Spacious cab that operators can customize to fit their personal size and reach – displays, controls, and the seat are all integrated
  • At-a-glance viewing of all operation-related machine data, with height-adjustable touchscreen
  • Well-thought-out stowage and storage facilities
  • Programmable lift arm and bucket positions based on Liebherr’s new in-cab electro-hydraulic

Outside the cab, efficient maintenance saves time and operator wear and tear. So all of the L 538’s components that require routine maintenance are conveniently located.

If you’re looking for a versatile all-around wheel loader in the mid-size range, you owe it to yourself to check out the Liebherr L 538.