Real Women Wear Safety Gear

It is a widely understood notion that fashion and comfort, or safety do not go hand in hand.  Women suffer all kinds of things in the name of fashion, the killer foot pain from designer heels, eyebrow waxing and more.  Surprisingly enough the Compliance Magazine award winning company Gateway Safety has combined comfort and safety with a touch of fashion for all of the ladies out there.

Woman Worker Safety Gear

The StarLite, StarLite Gumballs and Scorpion lines of protective eyewear have also been produced 10% smaller in SM sizing for those with narrow faces or smaller profiles.  The Metro line features a more attractive style resembling sunglasses more than safety gear, while weighing less than an ounce.  What’s more the Metro line comes in variations of pink and tortoise shell as well as the classic caramel and black colors for those with a style preference, and the a soft nosepiece and contoured temple tips provide added comfort!

If all of that wasn’t impressive enough there is the Serpent Ventilated Safety Helmet.  The snake-head shell design provides more visual interest than the standard hard hat, and it is also lightweight at 13.1 ounces.  While maintaining the many safety compliance points the Serpent has the option for pin-lock or ratchet suspension adjustment allowing it to contour to smaller heads.  Once again for those color conscious customers this item is available in pink, blue, green, orange, yellow, red, white, and even high visibility shades.

From safety glasses to helmets, products have been redesigned with women in mind.  As a fashion forward female I am very excited and happy to see that in a seemingly masculine industry women are making their mark and being considered while designing safety and protection gear.