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Roadtec Earned Tennessee Association of Manufacturers’ 2017 Company of the Year

When you’re evaluating what equipment to purchase, you naturally look for the specific functional features you need, in a machine that will deliver the most attractive return on investment over time. But the manufacturer’s reputation matters, too. You won’t see the productivity or ROI you expect long term if the company doesn’t produce high-quality machinery.

Beyond all that, however, there is another aspect to brand reputation that also matters to many of us – the company’s commitment to the industry and to their community. When Roadtec was named Company of the Year by the Tennessee Association of Manufacturers (TAM), that’s exactly what their award honored. Total commitment to excellence.

Roadtec’s headquarters are in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The company’s president, John J. Irvine III, said, “We are very proud to have been selected for this prestigious honor, which underscores the Astec Core Values that all of us here live each day. This truly is an honor that all at Roadtec have earned and can share, because we all work to a common goal of serving our customers.”

That means ongoing commitment to manufacturing safety practices and serving as good stewards of the community and the environment as well as delivering quality products to customers. “It all fits together,” says Irvine, “and contributes to this achievement.

TAM awards are tough to earn

In order to qualify for one of the Tennessee trade association’s annual awards, a company has to show a history of commitment to excellence. To be considered a company must display:

  • Roadtec Earned Tennessee Association of Manufacturers' 2017 Company of the Year | Tracey Road EquipmentStrong corporate commitment to safety
  • Evidence of a solid environmental program that focuses on improvement
  • Evidence of energy reduction that focuses on improvement
  • Evidence of quality improvement in the overall manufacturing process, with a goal of zero defective products
  • Evidence of continuous improvement in manufacturing methods
  • Evidence of sound practices in business operations
  • Evidence of employee engagement
  • Obvious appreciation of employees
  • Evidence of community involvement
  • Facilities that are clean, safe, and well-organized

In addition to the overall Company of the Year Excellence Award, the association also honors the state’s manufacturers in the specific categories of Energy, Environment, and Safety.

“Winning such a wonderful award not only makes us feel good,” noted Roadtec’s director of operations Tim Lewis. “It motivates us to continue making Roadtec a safe environment to work in and a producer of high quality equipment which is an exceptional value for our customers.”

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