Kobelco Introduces NEW SK350LC-11 Excavator

Kobelco Introduces

NEW SK350LC-11 Excavator

Excavators are must-have equipment on your construction site. They’re increasingly popular earthmoving machines with arms, buckets, rotating cabs, and movable tracks making them perfect for lifting heavy materials.

These machines offer superior mobility and digging power, allowing you to perform various tasks, from breaking holes and lifting wastes to excavating mines and digging trenches.

However, choosing the right excavator for the job is challenging, especially when the market is full of a variety of crawler excavators and related equipment.

Looking for an excavator that can withstand any terrain and help you perform heavy-duty jobs like demolition, land clearing, mining, and trenching? Choose Kobelco SK350LC-11 – the latest edition in the Kobelco excavator lineup with increased functionality, operator comfort, and fuel efficiency.

Want to know more about this dream equipment? Read on!

Kobelco SK350LC-11 – An Overview

One of the most flexible and versatile heavy equipment, the Kobelco SK350LC-11 combines thoughtful design and superior performance.

This next-generation heavy equipment comes with a range of cutting-edge speed, design, and performance enhancements that provide greater comfort, control, productivity, and efficiency.

With 56,200 pounds bucket digging force, 10 rpm swing speed, 24-feet 10-inches digging depth, and 0.8-2.7 cubic-yard arm bucket range, this Kobelco excavator provides faster cycle-times and reduced operating costs to increase productivity levels no matter the application.

In addition, this powerful 82,200-lbs equipment is powered by a robust 265-hp Tier IV Final-Compliant engine, enabling it to handle a range of heavy-duty tasks with ease while maintaining fuel efficiency.

Top Features

Listed below are the top features that make Kobelco SK350LC-11 stand out from other excavator models available on the market:

  • Tier IV Final-Compliant Engine: The new ISUZU Final Tier IV engine provides superior performance, efficiency, and a delicate balance between torque and engine output. Additionally, the engine exhaust uses “Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)” and “Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)” systems to offer a clean EPA-compliant machine and the lowest operating costs possible
  • Independent Travel: This popular feature allows an excavator to lift and travel simultaneously without facing any loss of speed or power, making it safe and versatile to operate in various applications. In most cases, contractors won’t have to supply other carriers to their fleet thanks to the independent travel feature
  • Two-Piece Boom: This Kobelco excavator comes with a two-piece boom (adjustable hydraulic boom), ideal for a range of demolition and tight-space projects. It gives your additional flexibility and digging reach
  • Improved Safety: It has a three-side camera (left, right, and rear) and an easy-to-operate 10-inch monitor to enhance job site safety and operator awareness
  • Premium Operator Comforts: This Kobelco model provides operators with superior comfort. For example, the 7-way adjustable seat offers enhanced ride comfort and exceptional shock absorption. Moreover, operators can effortlessly move levers. Some other comfort features include LED light, left console, jog dial, low-effort joysticks, multi-split air conditioner, and more

Smoothly Perform Your Jobs With Kobelco SK350LC-11

The next-generation Kobelco SK350LC-11 excavator offers high efficiency, productivity, and performance through high speed and power. It’s both Stage V and EPA compliant and easy to maintain. No matter the construction project, this heavy equipment can make tasks easy and convenient.