Kobelco Mini Excavators: Powerful Machines For Confined Areas

Wouldn’t it be nice if all your job sites were wide open? Expansive, with plenty of room to maneuver? Ha! No such luck. The reality of construction life is that you often need equipment that can fit into those inevitable tight spots. Machines like Kobelco mini-excavators.

All Kobelco mini-excavators have maxi features.

Kobelco Construction Machinery produces four mini-excavators. They may be compact in size, but they’re no lightweights. Since Kobelco only focuses on excavators and cranes, you can count on their mini-series machines to be just as rugged and dependable as their big brothers. They deliver the can-do attitude and performance you need, and they can do it in all kinds of places those bigger machines can’t.

They’re designed for versatility, so you can attack even the most demanding projects. All mini models support a broad range of buckets and attachments, extending their capabilities, and all meet Tier IV Stage A engine requirements. Ground-level access for checking and cleaning tasks reduces time and cost of maintenance.

Operators will appreciate the ergonomically-designed operation, including conveniently located controls, roomy cab, panoramic visibility for safety and productivity and 3-post ROPS/FOPS with canopy option for easy cab access.

How does each model vary?


  • Smallest size, for the narrowest or most confined spaces.
  • 15.2 hp.
  • 3640 lb.
  • Compact footprint with no tail swing.
  • Retractable tracks shrink down to 39 inches.
  • Fast, smooth arm movement reduces cycle times and increases productivity.
  • Exclusive round-bottom bucket design increases penetration.
  • Maximum digging depth of 7 ft. 1 inch (2 meters).
  • Bucket digging force of 3420 lbs.
  • Bucket capacity of .058 cu. yards.
  • Standard equipment includes auxiliary hydraulics, pattern changers and dozer blade.

SK27SR and SK35SR:

  • Next up the size scale, just right for heavier-duty digging and lifting.
  • SK27SR is 21.3 hp and 5870 lbs., with bucket digging force of 6341 lbs. and bucket capacity of .105 cu. yards.
  • SK35ST is  28.4 hp and 8200 lbs., with bucket digging force of 8340 lbs. and bucket capacity of .144 cu. yards.
  • No tail swing.
  • Exceptional stability.
  • Both incorporate Kobelco’s integrated-flow pump system (IFPS), which boosts power to the arm circuit via a third pump.
  • Both feature standard auxiliary hydraulics, pattern changers and dozer blade.
  • Optional steel or rubber track shoes to accommodate any terrain.
  • Optional four-way angle dozer for the SK35SR
  • Optional fully enclosed cab system for SK27SR.


  • Biggest and most heavy-duty of the minis, for reliable agility but maximum toughness without risking stability, bucket load or lift capacity, compared to similar size standard-swing radius machines.
  • Long X-frame for extra support.
  • High-grade reinforced steel boom and arm for increased strength.
  • Cast-iron boom swing bracket for extended life.
  • Sealed rollers, sprockets and travel motors for extended track life.
  • 39 hp.
  • 12.195 lbs.
  • Maximum digging depth of 12 ft 10 inches.
  • Maximum bucket breakout force of 11,240 pounds.
  • IFPS hydraulic booster.
  • Same four-way angle blade as SK35SR.

Kobelco only focuses on excavators and cranes. That knowledge and focus enable them to design and build for maximum efficiency, durability and dependability. Kobelco mini-excavators embody all that, with quality, reliability and top-of-the-line performance that will never leave you stuck in a tight place.