Kobelco Mini Excavators


Kobelco designs and builds a complete line of mini excavators with the features you want. From our smallest mini excavator to our largest mini excavator, Kobelco delivers quality, reliability, and unmatched performance.


  • All Kobelco mini excavators meet the Tier IV Stage A engine requirements.
  • Optional 4-way angle blade is available on the 35SR ACERA and 50SR ACERA.
  • Extra-Long arms are available on all compact models for additional dig depth.
  • 3-Post ROPS/FOPS with canopy option provides easy access to the operator’s platform.


STD Bucket Capacity 1.41 cu. ft.
Engine14.5 hp
Machine Weight (Canopy) 3,681 lbs
Machine Weight (Cab) (Canopy Only)
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STD Bucket Capacity 2.83 cu. ft.
Engine19.7 hp
Machine Weight (Canopy) 5,644 lbs
Machine Weight (Cab) 5,930 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 3.18 cu. ft.
Engine23 hp
Machine Weight (Canopy) 7,320 lbs
Machine Weight (Cab) (Not Specified)
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STD Bucket Capacity 3.88 cu. ft.
Engine23.1 hp
Machine Weight (Canopy) 8,214 lbs
Machine Weight (Cab) 8,555 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 0.20 cu. yd
Engine37 hp
Machine Weight (Canopy) 10,295 lbs
Machine Weight (Cab) 10,648 lbs
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STD Bucket Capacity 0.20 cu. yd
Engine37 hp
Machine Weight (Canopy) 11,817 lbs
Machine Weight (Cab) 12,147 lbs
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