Hitachi Compact Excavators

Hitachi Compact Excavators

At Hitachi, they don’t get sidetracked building every kind of construction equipment. Instead, they build excavators. It’s that kind of engineering and manufacturing focus that results in our reputation for highly reliable machines that deliver smooth, powerful performance. And our ZAXIS Dash-5 compact excavators are no exception.


 Engine14.5 hp
Operating Weight 3,790 lbs
Max Dig Reach12′-6″
Max Dig Depth7′-2″
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 Engine20 hp
Operating Weight5,560 lbs
Max Dig Reach15′-2″
Max Dig Depth8′-6″
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 Engine23.3 hp
Operating Weight6,680 lbs
Max Dig Reach16′
Max Dig Depth9′-2″
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 Engine23.3 hp
Operating Weight7,584 lbs
Max Dig Reach17′-1″
Max Dig Depth10′
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 Engine36.3 hp
Operating Weight10,560 Lbs
Max Dig Reach19′-7″
Max Dig Depth11′-7″
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 Engine53.1 hp
Operating Weight13,382 lbs
Max Dig Reach20′-5″
Max Dig Depth12′-4″
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