Hitachi Mid-Size Excavators

Hitachi Mid-Size Excavators

Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t build every kind of earthmoving equipment. Instead, we specialize in excavators. The result? Highly reliable machines that deliver smooth, powerful performance. Built with the same toughness as our large mining excavators, Hitachi’s utility-class excavators bring efficiency, reliability and durability to your job site.


Hitachi ZX130-6

Engine 100.4 hp
Operating Weight 30,203 lbs
Max Dig Reach 28′-9″
Max Dig Depth 19′-9″
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Hitachi ZX160LC-6

Engine 110.4 hp
Operating Weight 39,242 lbs
Max Dig Reach 30′-7″
Max Dig Depth 21′-3″
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Hitachi ZX210LC-6

Engine 163.6 hp
Operating Weight 50,265 lbs
Max Dig Reach 32′-7″
Max Dig Depth 21′-11″
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