Hitachi Reduced Tail Swing Excavators

Hitachi Reduced Tail Swing Excavators

Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t build every kind of earthmoving equipment. Instead, we specialize in excavators. The result? Highly reliable machines that deliver efficiency, reliability and durability.  Whether your work is urban renewal, street repair, or underground utilities, these Ultrashort Dash-5 excavators open up a wide range of possibilities – navigating nimbly and working smoothly in and around obstacles, and on congested jobsites where traditional excavators don’t fit.


Hitachi ZX75US-5

Engine 53 hp
Operating Weight 17,831 lbs
Max Dig Reach 22′-8″
Max Dig Depth 15′-1″
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Hitachi ZX85USB-5

Engine 53 hp
Operating Weight 18,735 lbs
Max Dig Reach 25′-3″
Max Dig Depth 14′-10″
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Hitachi ZX135US-6

Engine 100.4 hp
Operating Weight 31,306 lbs
Max Dig Reach 29′-1″
Max Dig Depth 19′-7″
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Hitachi ZX245USLC-6

Engine 159 hp
Operating Weight 55,997 lbs
Max Dig Reach 33′-2″
Max Dig Depth 21′-8″
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Hitachi ZX345USLC-6

Engine 249.4 hp
Operating Weight 79,146 lbs
Max Dig Reach 37′-7″
Max Dig Depth 24′-9″
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