The Western Star 5700XE Stands for Extreme Efficiency

Western Star has given owner-operators and fleet managers yet another reason to choose their brand. They have expanded their line with a new on-highway truck — the Western Star 5700XE — designed to take you into the future with style and efficiency. They say the XE stands for “extreme efficiency.” Of course it does. We’d expect nothing less from Western Star.

This represents a distinctly new direction for Western Star, long associated with rugged off-road vocations where features such as fuel efficiency and aerodynamics aren’t exactly top-of-mind. But with the company’s 50th anniversary just a couple of years away, a new vehicle seemed in order.

Announcing the introduction of the 5700XE, Western Star’s General Manager Michael Jackson said, “We have built a powerful solution that is the best of both worlds.” He says the truck is aimed at some very specific buyers:

  • Owner-operators who want a premium vehicle.
  • Small fleets that want to look distinctive.
  • Owner-operators looking for the final truck of their career.
  • Larger fleets that purchase “reward trucks” for their top drivers.

The 5700XE is all new.

Check out these features:

  • 126-in BBC with set-back axle.
  • Range of sleeper configurations.
  • Lightweight steel cab with superior corrosion resistance, thanks to the use of “galvannealed” metal that has been both galvanized and then annealed.
  • Aerodynamic hood and roof.
  • Chassis and cab fairings.
  • Sweptback four-piece bumper with under-bumper valance.
  • Halogen headlights that are aerodynamic and also provide better visibility.
  • “State of the art” visor specifically designed to work in tandem with the hood’s rear air ramp so air flows smoothly over the cab.
  • Twin Force dual air intake and huge, centrally mounted air filter.
  • Optional chassis side fairings that do not sacrifice easy access to the DEF tank and batteries.

The 5700XE is feature-rich but more efficient. It’s more aerodynamic with less drag – the optional side fairings alone can reduce drag by as much as 6%. We’d expect nothing less from Western Star.

Of course it brings plenty of juice to the job, too.

Depending on what your job needs are, you can spec the 5700XE with the Detroit DD15 engine or the DD16 with up to 600 hp, or the smaller DD13 which is ideal for regional hauling or owners concerned about vehicle weight.

The Detroit DT12 automated manual transmission is standard issue, or you can spec Detroit’s new Integrated Powertrain. That system includes:

  • The new downsped DD15 engine rated at 400 hp and 1750 lb ft of torque.
  • The DT12 transmission with Intelligent Powertrain Management.
  • Detroit axles specifically configured and geared to work smoothly with this engine and transmission.

The 5700XE gives you extreme safety, too.

There are three Meritor WABCO advanced safety systems:

  • OnLane lane departure warning.
  • Adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts the truck’s speed to maintain a safe distance behind the vehicle just ahead
  • OnGaurd collision mitigation with active braking – a radar-based system that alerts drivers visually and audibly to help avoid rear-end accidents. If the driver doesn’t respond, the system applies partial braking, and if the driver still doesn’t respond the system kicks in fully, slowing the engine and activating the service brakes.

The 5700XE is all new, and it’s all good. We’d expect nothing more from Western Star.